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Skyfall, SlidingDoors, HomeGUI added!

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3.13.19 - Big update for K33N Rust! We have added three new feature plugins to our server! These include: Skyfall, Sliding Doors, and a Homes GUI!

Available - Copy.png
Players are IMMUNE to damage once they get into the Skyfall plane or respawn in the air with a parachute. Players can then jump out of plane and press there "RELOAD" key to open there chute. Players can decide to jump out of parachute and freefall, and can reopen there chute as long as they are not TOO close to the ground. Once player lands, there parachute will remove and they will receive normal damages again just before they land.

Using the respawn Button for Skyfall will Parachute player from random location or behind Skyfall plane. Having a respawning player actually sit in the chair correctly didn't seem to work well with any inherent latency. So I opted for just respawn and parachute for now.

Sliding Doors:

Chat Commands:

/sdoor - This is used to enable / disable the sliding door feature to individual doors. Players will need the "slidingdoors.use" permission to use this command and

/sad <time> - (sliding auto door) This is used to change the autodoor time (seconds)


Homes GUI:


Chat Commands:

/home - Opens the homes GUI

/home {home} - Teleports you to the home

/sethome {home} - Creates a new home at your position

/delhome {home} - Deletes the home

/listhomes - Lists all your homes



Quick Connect to K33N Rust Server
K33N Rust Portal

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