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Night Everyone,

We have made some progress in fixing bugs and help to make the server more user-friendly,  We have also created a VIP-Supporter Channel and Role to the discord and website for those who have supported to K33N by donating to help with the cost of running the server. This role will also give you access to our BETA Server.

Whitelist Information

We are aware of individuals having whitelist issues, and we do apologize. Unfortunately, Discord is not communicating reliably enough with FiveM, and there is not a ton we can do about it currently. Unfortunately, manually adding people to the whitelist is taking a lot of man-hours that could be used to push out new features... Please bear with us as we work to address the issue. Currently, our topmost priority is now to streamline the whitelist process. Shortly, we will be enforcing whitelist applications going forward (do not fret: current members who are already here and whitelisted will NOT need to re-apply, so don't worry!). This will be less manual work for all our staff and make it easier for everyone, meaning that we can get back to pushing out new features for you all. We have grown at an insanely fast rate, which is awesome, so thank you all and thanks for your understanding!

Please at this time do not message Community Managers about being whitelisted, as we are trying to streamline the new system for whitelisting. It's not that we don't want to help but you may not get a response as we are very busy

Removal Of Vehicles

Due to the nature of removing the Fail-RP/Broken Vehicles, many users may have already lost their owned vehicles. We apologize for this inconvenience but its the most we could do besides wiping the entirety of the server. Thanks to shi**y cheaters this is the best we could do. If you need a refund for your vehicle feel free to post in support with your connection name and we will shoot the money to your bank account. However, you need to be online for the transactions to go through. Once again we apologize. (Please see an admin for refund)

Knowing Bugs

  • Robberies not paying out
  • EMS distress signal not notifying ems
  • Used Dealership problems
  • Mail trucks sometimes spawn with no fuel
  • Car Lock/unlock bug
  • When selling a property player does not receive back
  • Fisherman and Banker jobs F6 menus
  • Mechanic Job: placing objects as a mechanic such as the road cones and toolboxes go under the road instead of on top
  • Hazard lights and cruise control on the same button
  • Cars randomly spawning/causing pileups on Strawberry Ave

Please note that they may be more bugs... If you find some please post them here

Richard (Theshiper)


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