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3.28.19 - K33N RP Discord updates

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3.28.19 -  In addition to the way we now handle whitelisting, we have added the following discord roles.

  • Needs Interview = Has applied, has been on the 2 required ride alongs, Has been approved via Site apps, and has proved worthy (When given this role, keep the Applicant role so we can tell which Job they are applying for).
  • Dispatch Applicant = Given to a dispatch applicant that is pending approval.
  • LEO Applicant = Given to LEO applicants that are still pending approval.
  • EMS Applicant = Given to EMS applicants that are still pending approval.

-- Interested in applying to be a Dispatcher, EMS, or LEO!? Apply on our applications page! (Must be logged in to apply!)

K33N RP Portal

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