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The Server is all good to go! Look below and enjoy the updates! :)

New Locations
San Andreas Museum   (Look for the M on the Map)
Sex Shop   
Vespucci Beach Bar

New Interactive Jail

When you are sent to jail after you've been arrested and found guilty of your crime you will enjoy the following experiences:
Get your mug shot taken
Make money by working in the jail
Enjoy visits from other, non-jailed players
Press Shift-E to sit down on chairs 
Use emotes menu to stop sitting down

New Dealerships

You will be able to purchase Trucks, Boats, and Aircraft from the new dealerships located around the map! 
Aircraft shop is located at Los Santos International Airport
Boat shop located in the Docks area
Truck shop located in the industrial area

Gameplay Improvements
Upgraded ATMs - New ATMs video demo
Fixed distress signal
Fixed players becoming invisible
Increased the time it takes to draw a weapon to help reduce RDM - Weapon draw video demo
New /cuff and /drag chat commands for LEOs
Store owners can now sell drills, which can be used for robberies
Slowed down mechanic weld time and vehicle repair time
Vehicle damage tweaks

Other Recent Improvements
Added ability to report players in-game
Added additional tips to the periodic chat announcements
Fixed accidental empty of the bank from /respawn command
Fixed gang NPCs dropping weapons
Improved salary balance
various behind-the-scenes infrastructure improvements


Richard (Theshiper)

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