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Searching for some new stuff (Gaming Supplies)

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What do you all recommend for gaming supplies? No, not looking for GFuel, or any of that! I have a budget of $200 right now so if anyone can help me out let me know!

Looking for a decent gaming chair "Cheap as possible" (Found this one http://ebay.to/2ig1zcP not sure if I should trust it or not)

Looking for a decent gaming mouse to control my DPI settings

Looking for a cheap gaming mouse pad

Looking for a gaming headset as well (Got my eyes set on the "Hyper X Alpha"


The gaming chair I use now is horrible. Hurts my back, its broken in places, I've had it for years, not even a computer chair haha. The mouse i'm currently using is an old Logitech M100 which was for a windows xp computer after my Cyber Power Gaming mouse broke. I can't control my DPI settings with it, and its just a left click and right click as well as a scroll wheel. Any help would be much appreciative!  

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https://www.razerzone.com/Gaming-Mice/Razer-Deathadder-Classic/p/RZ01-00840500-W3M1 This is the mouse I use nothing fancy but it does what needs to be done.

https://shop.turtlebeach.com/us/ear-force-px24 As for headsets I use an older version of this and I am looking into getting this when I buy my new pair. might upgrade a bit to this https://shop.turtlebeach.com/us/pc/ultimate-elite-pro-bundle

obviously the upgraded head set is out of your budget but everything else should remain in play

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Great mouse for the price and the DPI setting are good. I personally use https://www.amazon.com/SteelSeries-Rival-Optical-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B0160USMW6/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1512435075&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=Rival&th=1   This mouse is amazing for FPS. I play a lot of Counter-Strike and the DPI settings with sensitivity in game are amazing. I also have large hands so my hand fits this mouse better. 


Now for headsets i have demolished numerous ones over the years. Logitech, Plantronics, Steel Series, Razor, needles to say i have used a lot. I would say look at or read about comfort and sound quality. I run the cords over all the time! So on that note you should think about that while searching for a set also. 

My Favorite pair. Best wireless and sound I have come across, now comfort is another story... After about 6 hours my ears hurt really bad. Not sure you will be wearing them for that long but hey you never know. 



Hope some of this helps and please let me know what you decide on!

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19 minutes ago, ⱩƎƎN Datsmoto said:

I second this! I have this mouse and it has a ton of DPI settings by a click of a button! 

As for a Chair, it depends on your budget. I know OpSeat I have heard is good and is considered the mid-range market chair. Not the cheapest, but not as much as a DXRacer.

For headphones, I'd take a look at the HyperX Cloud II's. @scj312 has a pair and they are incredibly comfortable!! I don't know too much about the HyperX Cloud Alpha's but HyperX headphones are fantastic and comfortable so I am sure they will do the job! Like Datsmoto said, comfort is what you want to look for as well as sound quality. I think HyperX excels in both of these. I previously owned a pair of Logitech G430's and after awhile they would hurt my head/ears. Have not had that issue since I made the switch to Hyper X!

As for a gaming mouse pad I have no idea. I've used a hardwood desk for the past 6 years with no issues on my mice. Let us know what you decide on @Viper !

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