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Happy Saturday! All most Sunday..

The update will be applied at 11 pm EST (10:00 PM CST)

Please read this before asking anything!

For this update, the server information has been wiped (Characters, Money, cars, property and etc).  The economy has been balanced as well, Jobs paycheck to a standard rate, Cars, and items are priced at a proper price tag. 

Again the server was wiped and all information is gone YOU ARE STARTING AT DAY 1. Please do not ask any admins to give you a refund or anything like that.   Before asking where anything is or what has been added please read the following :)

If you are a whitelisted job (LEO, EMT) please message your commanding official or an admin.

Feature additions:

  • Updated Properties: Many new properties are available for purchase and have several upgrades and possible fixes for inventory saving etc. Each property comes with a private garage you can save and get your vehicles from.
  • Vangellico Heist: Rob the Vangellico Jewelry Store with an advanced-lockpick, be advised you can only carry 1 so you will need a team to lock pick each cabinet as well as a real hostage to buy time. Also, watch out for the guards.
  • Drug Mule/Running: Find the contact at the docks and move pounds of drugs across state lines. Risk versus reward because NPCS can call the police if you drive suspiciously.
  • New Emote System: Use /E to quickly queue a emote, use /emotes for list of emotes. New Hospital location in pillbox hill and new respawn GUI coming/RP death locking.
  • Trunk Inventories: Store items and equipment in an owned vehicles trunk using "-" key. More weight = slower speed.
  • Import Autoshop: A player run import shop with our import vehicles.
  • New Nightclub: The nightclub has been moved to the docks area.

Minor Additions/Tweaks:

  • New Vanilla Vehicles: Many new vanilla vehicles have been added to the default vehicle shop. Vanilla Vehicles and Imports are now kept separate.
  • Phone Alerts: Fixed for emergency services.
  • Job Tweaks/Balancing and Payment Tweaks: Adjusted several variables with different jobs to encourage legal job work.
  • Custom World Map additions: Upgraded all PDS with fencing and gas stations.

Still in development/delayed release:

  • Business ownership: We held off on this release because it is not yet complete.
  • CAD System: Ran into issues with our new CAD that need some time to be addressed.
  • Impromptu Races: Race for wagers with nearby players.
  • Casino/Gambling: Most mini-games are complete awaiting in-game integration.

Enjoy the update! 😁‼️


Richard Mouat (TheShiper)

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Super excited for the release!

I wanted to express my gratitude to all the hard work that is being put on the project and its super rewarding to be a member of the community!


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