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    G'day G'day. Jan here, better known as: Jan Plays, Janoria Corven, Janoria, Janoria Alexander Corven, and crazy bastard insane kitten drunkard! lol. Anyway, I am a Mixer / Youtube / Twitch Streamer via Restream.io, trying to go for the big ol "PARTNERSHIP", primarily on Mixer & Twitch. I stream anything. anything from Doki Doki literature Club, to Far Cry 5, to Planet Side 2, you name it. EVEN OLDER GAMES! Keep in mind that if you come to watch me, i will have my streams at 18+ and ONLY 18+, Why? Because i'm australian, I'm vulgar, i swear a lot, and i just dont GAF... I'm one of those people that call spades, spades. In the end, i'm an egalitarian, treat me as you want to be treated, and you will be... Be crude and rude to me, and i'll do it back DOUBLE.
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    Hey hey! Whatsup @Janoria , Welcome again! Love that ^ haha. Glad to have you on board and welcome to the family!
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    Hey everyone! My names Liam! I’m from oxford in the UK. I’m a part time streamer on mixer by night (feel free to check out my profile https://mixer.com/GriMeZ_TV) and a quarry/mining supervisor by day. I look forward to speaking with some of you in the future and maybe working with some of you suppose I better go look busy now peace!
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    I go by the name HalliesComet. Doppler106 (my hubs) also might be joining me on some of my streams for Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch, and Borderlands 2. I do play a little bit of everything. Mainly RPGs and MMOs, but I am expanding my gaming. FFXIV is one of the main games I play. I have also gotten into Overwatch and play way too much Dragon Age Inquisition. I also watch anime, read books, draw, watch movies/tv shows, write reviews on video games, and make commercials. If you guys ever have any requests on what games you would like to see streamed or have a question for me, just let me know. Happy gaming!!
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    Hello all. My name is Todd. I'm an old, unskilled gamer who recently starting streaming part-time on Twitch Abyzmyl13 as I work full-time as a physical therapist. I enjoying playing all types of games FPS, co-op games, RPG's, survival horror. My other interests include horror, sci fi movies/literature, huge HP Lovecraft fan, music and watching sports including esports. I am looking to expand my stream, make new friends and above all have fun!