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    This little guide is so you can get registered and create more charters in the cad without having to create a new account. Creating Your first account Register on CAD by creating an account after you register you will see a page with some statists and in the top right you will see a button "Civ Patrol" click that button A new page will open and you will see a button saying "add new", fill out all the required information Once completed a menu will show up, giving a list of items you can update with your characters information. There ya go now your registered, now don't forget to register your car in the "DMV" area or you might get a ticket Creating additional characters Log into your CAD and then click "Civ Patrol" A menu will show up asking to select your character you would like to play on at the bottom you will see "Add Character" Fill in the required information and you've done it! You can now select that character