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    Hi all, Let me preface this post with: I never intended to, and I have no future intention of ever owning business property, so none of these suggestions are fueled by personal grievance or gain. I'm only providing feedback based on my understandings of game balance and encouraging high quality RP. Business properties were introduced last night in a free-for-all manner, all you had to do was drive up to a property and buy it - first come first serve, and with no limits. To me, this chokes out a lot of RP potential. With business properties being limited, we as a community should expect all existing businesses to be contributing to high quality RP. I'd like to see this server thrive, and unfortunately there's a ton of failRP out there so free-for-alls on something limiting like business property isn't the best way to go about it. To ensure this, here's how I think business allocation should work: Application process to purchase a property Players should submit an application to the mayor which outlines their business idea and plans for the property. Applications should be accepted over a period of time before a decision is made to give players a chance to submit one. The mayor reviews every application and determines which one best fits the needs of the city Specifically, the mayor acts as a quality check for proposed businesses. This ensures the business has potential for high quality RP and is something the community wants. Applications could include a bidding price on the property Need to also ensure there is affordable property for civilians and to not limit this content to high-income drug lords Have varying properties so drug lords can fight over certain very expensive properties with their high cash, but prevents them from controlling a ton of the cheaper properties via application process. If the mayor approves an application, the business property is allocated for the agreed price. Maybe a routine quality check? If after a month or so the business isn't contributing anything, the property is sold back to the town and the mayor can open applications for it again. An application process helps staff/mayor maintain quality RP, and encourages players to put a lot of thought and effort into their business idea rather than it just being another means of income. Though people might not like having to submit another application for something, the extra step and work helps filter out shitty RP content. I'm happy to hear feedback/comments and am flexible on what this application process looks like, however I really do believe for something as large and limited as business properties, an application process is really important.
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    6.23.19 - Lockable doors have been added to the following locations: - Los Santos Customs (Can be locked/unlocked by Mechanics & Police only) - Route 68 Mechanic Shop (Can be locked/unlocked by Mechanics & Police only) - Premium Deluxe Motorsports (Can be locked/unlocked by Car Dealers & Police only) Note: please do not request certain doors be lockable. Because these above are base game GTA and are mod-able... Add-ons and other locations are NOT. Thanks for understanding!
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    Split domestic and import car dealerships Domestic dealership has moved back to the original location on Power Street Import dealership is now its own job and has moved downstairs Dealerships can now take cars out for test drives without penalty Moved the car sell marker to be out of the way in the alley behind the imports dealership Garage updates Import vehicle names now show when taking out of garage Moved the garage entry marker by the import dealership to be in a better location
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    We are trying to level out the field. Unfortunetly every creator of the cars are the ones that set the speeds and we have to mod them to match our server and we just haven't had to time to work on that But its on the to do list
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    Hey Saul, Defiantly something we are looking at all ready
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    I completely agree with this, I have a feeling this isn't the developers intentions and haven't got around to fine tuning the speeds of the imports yet. I'm not worrying and you guys take your time to fine the perfect balance but if we are trying to be realistic the Nissan GTR stalk should max out at around 195mph. If we are worried about balance we should add modified chargers or police vehicles that can keep up with high-end imports. I'm hoping that all vehicles will eventually reach their realistic speeds.
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    Attention K33N Partnered Streamers: K33N Staff members check and view our K33N Partnered Streamers day in and day out. It appears that many of our K33N Partnered Streamers are reaping the benefits of the partnership (Auto promotion on both Discord, Website, and K33N official accounts) without reppin' the K33N Community. All K33N Partnered Streamers, please address the following if you have not done so already! If action is not taken within the next 5 business days, K33N Partnered Streamers who do not have the required (below) on their Stream profiles will be removed. As you all know, being a K33N Partnered Streamer requires these very few things to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer: 1. Add “K33N Logo - Option 1” , “Panel Option 2”, OR “Panel Option 3” (Found in the folder provided) to your Channel About/ Bio hyperlinked to our website: http://k33ngaming.com | Live Example Here. 2. Add “K33N Discord.png” (Found in the folder provided) image hyperlinked to our K33N Community Discord server: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T | Live Example. 3. Add k33ngaming as a Twitch Community in your Dashboard to stream to. 4. If you have Twitter: Add @k33ngaming somewhere in your Twitter Bio. 5. Add a stream bot that sends a message every 15-25mins sharing K33N Gaming’s website and Discord. Example: Check out K33N Gaming Community's website at http://www.k33ngaming.com ! The hub for all Streamers, Gamers, Viewers, and Game Enthusiasts! Join the K33N Gaming Community Discord @ https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T! View the Required things ToDo Document in order to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer. Download the Required K33N Partnered Panel Branding Media Kit
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    Had all that done as soon as I was made partner
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    Here’s my Halloween overlay I threw together last night. What are you all doing to your streams to get into the October mood?
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    Bag improvements: Fixed bag item counts being affected by other players Fixed bags allowing more items than they should Fixed bag object staying in world after trading bag Added ability to specify amount of items to take out of bags Drug improvements: Added progress bar to drug actions Increased drug selling price Increased locals drug purchasing amounts Other improvements: Reduced the occurrence of blackouts Traffic cam tickets have been reduced from $25 per MPH over the limit to $5 Increased owned business payouts
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    I hear lots of complaints of nearly half of the server wearing bandannas and honestly if i could actually have facial hair that you can see i probably wouldn't wear one
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    2019-April-28 I am a mechanic after the recent server wipe, I really enjoy the job and want to stay as a mechanic during my time on the server. I wanted to ask a question about the tow missions you can do right now, you press Delete and it starts a tow mission, you go to the location you pick up the vehicle and return it to the garage. Right now the payouts are very low and don't actually pay out. I am wondering if this feature(s) are work in progress or just inactive right now. I would love to do the tow missions for extra side cash because the best part of being a mechanic is the role playing aspect, but it doesn't pay very well in my experience, with the tow missions the job could be more viable for making day to day money. When you don't have any mechanic calls you can do some tow missions and make some extra money on the side. Right now when you complete a mechanic tow mission it says "Your company has earned $(x)" I don't know what it means by company, and I don't get that money paid to my bank or cash. Right now the "payment" is anywhere from $10 - $50 I have noticed. The missions can go from 1.5 mi. drives (there and back) and up to 2.5-3.5 mi. Its up for discussion but I think payment should be changed to go to your bank or cash and should span from $850 - $1500. Would love any feedback from fellow mechanics and/or server devs/owners. Thank you
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    I think having a Doctor/nurses Role would be a cool addition. Kind of like NoPixel has to where you go to the hospital and a real person treats you. I think they would be quite busy since people always need healed and what not. That would add some cool RP interactions i think as well to add on to the EMS jobs where they could transport you to the hospital if they are online. That way instead of EMS healing you instantly they would drive you to the hospital. Also adding an option to not respawn automatically so you can wait for the EMS transport to take place.
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    Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by! I want you all to know that I am running for Mayor of our beautiful city for ONE reason and one reason only. Not for the title, not for the pay(there's no pay), and not for the self glory. I am running for Mayor to make a difference in our city. I joined the city 2 short weeks ago and have been all over and done everything. I have no criminal background and have stood side by side with everyone I've met and helped us all come from nothing. As Mayor I want to be your voice to the big Government and help make our city what we dream it to be! A vote for me is a vote for our future! Lets make our city right together! VOTE CHODY! VOTE FOR CHANGE!
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    It is an honour to be part of K33N Gaming. My name is Kevin, kredundead. Gaming from such a young age and never lost the passion for it. Stream most days and review games in my spare time. Hello to you all and hope to see you a round.
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    Looking for a nice small map for next wipe. will post images/link in the discord under the #rust channel
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    make the seed a small map if possible please
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    Yeah so did I and I already talked to Holden about youtube problems
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    Hey guys! How are your holiday preparations? Post pictures of snowfall and other holiday preparations here. Have fun in the holidays to come!
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    K33N Gaming will be hosting a 2017 Christmas Charity this year. There is a Discord Meeting tonight, Dec. 7th @ 9PM EST. An event has been made and scheduled on the community calendar found here. The Charity: This year, we have decided to donate to the Make A Wish Foundation. Tens of thousands of volunteers, donors and supporters advance the Make-A-Wish vision to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. In the United States and its territories, on average, a wish is granted every 34 minutes. We believe a wish experience can be a game-changer. This one belief guides us and inspires us to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids we serve. Learn more about the Make A Wish Foundation Here. Everyone and Anyone can participate! Streamers, Partnered streamers, all gamers and viewers, family and friends! We will be creating a fundraising team and from now until Christmas day will all be making an effort to gather donations and make these kids wishes come true for the Holidays! JOIN OUR K33N GAMING COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING TEAM HERE! What to do, and How to Raise money for the charity: 1.) Join the K33N Gaming Community Fundraising Team by Clicking "Join My Team" on This Page. 2.) Save/Download this image: 3.) Put the Image On your Twitch/Mixer Channels and Hyperlinked to Our Team Page or your Personal Page once completed with Step 1!
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    Hey guys! This morning I stumbled upon a website that offers free overlays and other graphics, it's actually a pretty good resource if you're looking to switch things up or want some ideas for your overlay I'm not affiliated with this site, someone in the "Share Your Stream" group on Facebook shared this, so I thought I'd bring it over here in case anyone was interested! Enjoy! https://wdflat.com/
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    the rig ya know!!! MSI Gaming Aegis 216US Tower Specs: GPU: Nividia GTX 1070 CPU: I7 HDD: 2TB RAM:16GB Peripherals: Headset: Astro A50 Mic: Black out edition Blue Yeti Mic boom arm Cam: Logitech 920 Mouse: Logitech G900 Keyboard: Logitech G910 Mouse Pad: XL pecham Elgato Stream Deck Monitor: Acer 24inch predator + 24inch samsung Chair: Secret Labs Titan just a green screen I think that's it!!!