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    6.23.19 - Lockable doors have been added to the following locations: - Los Santos Customs (Can be locked/unlocked by Mechanics & Police only) - Route 68 Mechanic Shop (Can be locked/unlocked by Mechanics & Police only) - Premium Deluxe Motorsports (Can be locked/unlocked by Car Dealers & Police only) Note: please do not request certain doors be lockable. Because these above are base game GTA and are mod-able... Add-ons and other locations are NOT. Thanks for understanding!
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    Hey everyone I’m Vced I’m new to PC gaming, and I don’t regret switching at all. One of the many games I’ve dreamed of playing was Squad. I now have it, and it’s so much fun!
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    5.16.19 - Fighting and a boxing ring have been constructed at the beach near the Gym! It can be found on the map "Fighting" red flex blip. You can place bets and enter the ring to fight and train! Enjoy! View full update
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    Skype has rolled out Meet Now video meetings that are free and don't require downloads or signups. Meet Now allows you to host conference calls by generating a free unique link with one click. You then share that link with participants to enjoy unlimited meetings via Skype. According to Microsoft, which owns Skype, your meeting link does not expire and can be used at any time. Skype says that you'll be able to leverage its features during your video conferences. This includes the ability to record your call and save it for later. The company stores your recording for 30 days. You can also blur your background before entering the call, which is helpful for those of us are don't have the neatest home office or who have pets or children jumping in and out of the frame. With Skype Meet Now, you can also share your screen at any time, which makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues and share presentations with a group. Meet Now works on any device with the Skype app installed, and you don't even need a Skype account to join these calls. You can also use the Skype web client for making calls. View full article
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    PC gaming is definitely where it's at, welcome to the good life!
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    My name is Kyle Ive an average gamer main focus on Apex and GTA I have recently come across RP and wanted to give it a shot. I try to stream and give go content but im always lack in certain areas. I come across you RP page and was like this is cool and I want to become apart of something that is amazing and awesome all in one. im also a full time Go-Kart racing and graphic designer.
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    Hi! I've been streaming off and on for a year now, but I recently started reaching out to different communities and was led to this place, so here I am! I'm a 3D animator and game designer, who has played games all his life. On stream, I have been making an attempt at focusing on platformers, or games with platforming elements, because that's where my love is and that's where my skills are, but I love other genres such as stealth games, horror games and shooters as well - and because friends are always donating shooter games to me, I tend to play them fairly regularly. I will always start streaming animation in the near future. I can be very high energy when playing the right games, and while most people go quiet when they concentrate during intense moments, I rather start speaking gibberish and screaming instead, which sometimes has its strange entertainment value when I look back at those moments. I have a good sense of humor, and while I'm not politically correct, I have etiquette. That's all for now, hoping you stop by my streams sometimes
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    Welcome to K33N @BTDarmstad ! How did you come across K33N Gaming!? 🙂 glad to have you! That’s really neat that you do animation and game design! In terms of games, what titles have you been playing lately!?
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    This took far longer than anticepated. But glad to say i am back
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    Here’s my Halloween overlay I threw together last night. What are you all doing to your streams to get into the October mood?