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  1. KingBorja

    Call Of Duty Lounge!

    Hey! Thought id make a Call Of Duty Topic here on the K33N Website. if your looking to find others to play be sure to drop GTs here.
  2. KingBorja

    My Introduction

    Thanks bro! We will 100% play sometime. Closest games i play EA is FIFA & SIMS
  3. KingBorja

    My Introduction

    Hi, my names Borja. I've been frequently streaming over on twitch now for a week since the release of COD WII. I used to Stream & upload to YouTube before i quit due to the most recent CODs with jet packs (i aint a fan) With me being inactive on Twitch for so long I lost my audience and currently finding it hard to grow one back. I am 19 years old and work a full time job so I stream in my free time. Im glad to be joining this community as i see it as a great opportunity to meet new friends and other streamers. I am also a big fan of the set up of K33N and hope to see myself represent and help out as much as i can in the future. Thanks - Borja