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  1. Would be super nice QoL to have your Radar persistently on until you turn it into the garage, at the minute everytime you leave your vehicle it gets turned off, not a huge deal but a nice QoL change if you can. Additionally I think it would be cool if we could lock the radar on certain vehicles (maybe you can but I wasn't taught how yet), so you can lock your radar on the vehicle you're chasing.
  2. zeraow

    LEO: Radar Gun Bug

    This might already be on the chop list but, if you pull out the radar gun and locals are nearby they get afraid and think its an actual vintage pistol, I don't know if its fixable but I figured it report just incase, thank you
  3. zeraow

    The Future of EMS Role-playing

    @TheShiper Thank you for the acknowledgment of this post. I appreciate everything the staff are doing to better the server and role-play. Im super confident about the future
  4. Would add more character development and depth, crouching and prone adds more realism and makes it easier to RP certain situations
  5. zeraow

    The Future of EMS Role-playing

    Before you read, this was posted on June 10th, 2019 and things might have changed since posting this. I will edit the post as I see fit. Additionally, this is a opinion thread based on my experiences as a medic so far on K33N, I have logged about 100-200 hours as an EMS and I have mixed opinions about my experience but I wanted to share what I think is good and what needs to be worked on all around for EMS RP. I ask that nobody take offense or see this post as a negative attack on the server, I think and still think K33N will be one of the best GTA RP communities in the space. -- Introduction statement: First of all, I want to thank the K33N staff for allowing me to pursue a EMS RP experience as its my first time role playing as an EMS. I think EMS RP has an incredible amount of RP opportunity and can be a super healthy part of the integral experience that builds the foundation of a good community. I also want to give huge thanks to the players of the city for giving some really some scenarios for me to play into. A lot of my time as EMS has been a smooth and enjoyable experience and a very positive one. I think that community that we have so far is great and has amazing potential for the future. Finally, I want to give gratitude to the police force and fellow EMS, thank you very much for including me in your experience and making me feel welcomed. Vehicles & Aircraft locked for EMT's: I think that the idea of giving higher ranked EMTs better vehicles as a reward for their bravery, hard work and dedication is fantastic. I think this system is great and shows a good hierarchy of the medical system. Although I personally disagree neglecting the use of helicopters to new EMTs, maybe add a helicopter coarse that EMTs can enter and can prove their competence in driving an aircraft and then they will have access to the aircraft's but as it stands now I don't think its a good system because often you will get calls extremely far away and in the mountains. The basic Ambulance Van isn't good for off-road and isn't as fast, which will lead to the victim either deciding to airlift out (holding E) because they think help isn't on the way or if they are super far and in a hard to reach place they might even just bleed out. (15 minutes) Future: ./911 calls and ./311 calls I hear that a lot of people sometimes see the light (respawn) while unconscious because they don't know if help is on the way. Adding the ability for EMTs to respond to 911 calls and that would alert the unconscious victim that help is on the way, would help fix the issue where as an EMS you try to arrive on the scene but by the time you do, they already respawned because they think EMS is not coming. Additionally, 311 calls in the future could be a good way to call in non-emergency calls that would open up more RP for people and the medics. Quality of Role-play and how it effects EMS: I think the quality of role-playing increases daily because someone learns something new everyday, on the other hand there is some things that people have a habit of doing which hinders the RP for medics and makes the scenario less enjoyable for good role-players. I think we all need to recognize the value of life on the server and understand when someone is in a traumatic experience to live that emotion through. For an example: When someone is in a big car crash and falls unconscious, when the EMS arrive put emotion into your role-play. Don't stroll over and be that guy that says; "Yeah, my friend is down, can you get him up". When you do this, you are making a serious situation negligible which ruins the quality of role-play. I understand that in some situations you want to be picked up and moved on with your life but in some situations and injuries that is not realistic and you have the realize the value of your life and the life of others too and understand that you're character needs to have depth and emotion. Too many people are playing their characters like a game rather than a living breathing life. Please, take things as serious as you can and develop a higher understand of what is happening around you in the world you are role-playing in. Improving Quality of Role-playing for EMS and citizens: There are many things as a community we can do to increase the overall quality of medical role-play in the server. First off, I hope that EMTs can eventually use /drag to make more EMS scenarios. With the city expanding we will eventually hire doctors, secretaries, security, etc.. Because there are people out there that want to role-play that and the only way the supplement those people with RP is too actually play out medical realistically. When someone is an a huge car crash or someone fell off a building we should bring them to the hospital and have them treated. This builds more depth for the role-play and opens more opportunities for other positions. Right now as an EMS its almost impossible to bring people to the hospital (for more RP) because everyone declines medical treatment because they think they are invincible and can take anything. This way you get more RP and we get more RP. I would love to hear thoughts on this* -- For now, that's I all have to say and I am only speaking out because I want the city to be great and I want more great role-players to visit our city and love their experience. Please reply and let me know if you agree or disagree. I know as time develops we will all grow into great characters. Make sure you constantly re-evaluate how you are role-playing and say to yourself, did I really RP to my best ability? I love this community and I think you guys are all great people. We all make mistakes but lets all try to be better for the better of role-play and the future of the server. ❤️❤️❤️
  6. zeraow

    6.1.19 - Drug updates

    I love the idea of drugs giving player buffs, maybe make weed give you body armour? Just an idea. Good changes though Eventually I would love to see drugs introduced into the city in different ways instead of growing/producing it. Maybe purchasing from a bulk buyer across seas or something.
  7. zeraow

    Increase respawn down timer

    5 minute timer, after that have it say "Hold [E] to Respawn or Wait for a Medic"
  8. zeraow

    Increasing RP

    @Noktifer I respect your opinion and I think you're right, but I think its okay to exist in THIS server and want a lot of money and want fast cars, but again like you said as long as you're doing it ethically with RP intent. I love fast cars, doesn't mean I want to leave the server. I also love money but like you said i'm not gonna play it like GTA Online and not RP. What you're saying is that you want more character depth, a lot of people at the start of the big tsunami "grinded" and got a lot of nice cars. I don't know what you're opinion on that is and if you think its silly to "grind" in an RP server. not gonna lie, I was a bit annoyed because I don't "grind" usually for that long and I usually like to make some money for a few hours then go around and RP and interact and enjoy my day as if i'm a normal person living my life, right?! Interesting topic discussion end of the day though you're right you shouldn't go around and make your goal in the server soully to make millions and have fast cars because there's more important things like friendship, business, family.
  9. zeraow

    Increasing RP

    @Noktifer Yesterday was a perfect example of what you're taking about, a dude was going around the city with a mask VDM'ing people and robbing people with no interaction that is the shit that needs to go.
  10. zeraow

    Increasing RP

    No-one is arguing that story-line is important, but my argument is if you're not breaking RP rules and existing comfortable in the community you shouldn't have any problems. As long as you're doing you. Some people may want to be a standalone character in which they bridge connections with everybody, some people want to be apart of a group that is concentrated but also is connected with others in the community. Why can't I be super cool though? Why do they add the nice cars if we aren't to purchase them and live? The fuckin mayor has a Lamborghini Gallardo. Why? Because its bad-ass and he saved his money well. Listen, I understand that story is important and I feel like I don't ever jeopardize the integral RP when i'm playing but i'm doing my own thing which i don't see a problem. I include myself in other activities and I make myself known to the community, but at the end of the day i'm doing me. What you're taking about is that people only think about money. My story explicitly says I came to Los Santos to prosper and build a new life, meaning come to the city and hustling. I'm fairly confident in my ability to roleplay and if i'm doing it wrong I apologize. I'm not just going around making money, buying cars and not speaking to anybody i'm finding the perfect balance for my character.
  11. zeraow

    Increasing RP

    @NoktiferI don't know what to say to that to be honest. Peoples' characters in the game will have passions for what they passion for, if they want nice cars they gonna work for it. Powergaming is a on-going issue with robberies and crime in general but people who do that will be punished. I understand it frustrates you that everyone has their own thing but to be honest its just how it is man. People gonna do what they want and thats what their character is man. I love cars, so do other people. I want nice cars and I want to RP, why can't there be both?? Anyway. I agree with your point that some crime is only one-sided because sometimes it is, but sometimes cops enjoy having an intense chase every now and again. I'm sure when a robbery is taking place the cops have fun too. Last point, I always wanted to drive a GTR but since we are limiting the imports I unfortunately cant live up to my characters dreams so I moved on. I might get the GTR one day but for now I want nice cars, doesn't mean I don't know how to roleplay. Powergaming is hard to define with the situation because in other realism servers (NoPixel) because of the entertainment value of bank robberies you are aloud to do 1 bank job a day and 1-2 jewerly hits a day and you can hit the stores as much as you want but you're gonna have the cops on you. Maybe when Bank robberies return make them spit out less money that way we can do it more often (Because of the RP) but not be powergaming.
  12. zeraow

    Increasing RP

    In my opinion, you cant manufacture how people want to play their characters. If anything a lot of the people on the server don't mind getting their hands dirty and realistically that's their style. For myself, I personally like just being a mechanic and i'm sanctioned by Chody Wayne so I don't want to go out and do crime then he gets the fall. The best part of crime is when you're doing a robbery and you have to RP out the situation and then get-away. Sure it's crime, but its good fucking content and that might be a significant push factor for wanting to experience that rush and RP experience. Bank robberies and Jewelry store primarily because the shops don't give enough to warrant an RP situation most of the time. If you want to give incentives for people to do legal work maybe add more options and make them decently viable and enjoyable for not only yourself but for the RP. I would love if you guys added 4-5 side jobs that I could do while being a mechanic if its late night and I could make a decent dollar doing it. just my opinion tho
  13. I understand your point, but realistically unless the Mechanic job is overhauled and changed to be necessary, I don't think it should happen. If towing wasn't apart of the job, the income of the job would drop by about 60%. I think mechanics should be able to do both, but some people can decide to be just a tow truck driver.
  14. zeraow

    Mechanic Tow Missions

    Been in the city the past week and haven't got one call from a cop to do a job. Probably about 50-60 hours of game time so maybe i'm unlucky idk.
  15. When this happens, the root cause is termination of FiveM servers. Meaning; FiveM servers are unstable or offline. Cheers