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  1. ChaoticNyte

    Masks and Voice boxes

    yeah those helmets are considered masks.
  2. ChaoticNyte

    Masks and Voice boxes

    I dont believe one single group should be allowed when other groups aren't. Its a major conflict.
  3. ChaoticNyte

    MFOX is here

    Greetings Tyler, welcome to K33N!
  4. ChaoticNyte

    Captain Swaffel in town!

    Does Pineapple belong on a pizza?
  5. ChaoticNyte

    5.25.19 - Updated Police vehicle models coming soon

    Thank you kind sir. Not too bad for only 3 days into it!
  6. I have seen the street lights bug out sometimes if Im parked under them. Its either FiveM or something else. It doesn't bother me. As far as the car issues, Might be an issue with the mod itself. I'll try and check into it tomorrow and see if I can get it to reproduce the same issues for me.
  7. Doh, I didn't see this post..i replied to the other one.LOL
  8. @Andersioh , No your profile info has nothing to do with the server. Mine doesn't show anything either. What is the exact error it gives you? Can you screenshot and post here?
  9. ChaoticNyte

    Tow truck not actually picking up cars

    I think removing the f6 function of towing would be the best route. im curious if having the 2 options available were somehow conflicting with each other code wise.
  10. ChaoticNyte

    car being locked

    I wasn't sure if Lockpicks worked on cars, was just a suggestion. LOL
  11. ChaoticNyte

    Connection failed

    @manci Please check your discord, I dm'd you. It will be easier to communicate through there.
  12. ChaoticNyte

    Potential Pay per employment.

    Actually it looks like alot..but compared to other jobs..it is not.
  13. ChaoticNyte

    Connection failed

    Is your Steam logged in? FiveM uses your steamID to access the server. Also, can you connect to the server via FiveM (Not using the launcher)? If yes, check your launcher folder settings..you need to have it directed to your FiveM directory, not your GTA directory.
  14. ChaoticNyte

    Dealership Parking Lot Gates

    That's not a bad idea. Maybe even make them Lockable so when the dealership owners or Boss mechanic aren't around they can be locked? @ChodyWayne @m0ka_tv ?? Thoughts? After all it is a business and not a social hangout.
  15. ChaoticNyte

    car being locked

    Simple answer: Lock Pick.