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  1. I think everyone would love more slots in the server for characters, ive got ideas for more character's but only 4 slots
  2. h0zzy

    Subaru STI

    Some type of 4 door Subaru STI, like this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/subaru-wrx-sti-2017-replace
  3. h0zzy

    The Future of EMS Role-playing

    Yes I agree with all of this, pillbox is a wasteland and people don’t take medical attention seriously. You jump off a cliff and you get bandages and you’re all good to go. There’s no where to take someone who got injured really bad. There needs to be a better medical system.
  4. h0zzy

    Speeding tickets

    I agree cops have radar guns and it's not that hard to catch people speeding.