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  1. I think locked doors for the MC's Clubhouse would add quite a bit of RP for the MC, such as, drugs, kidnapping, meetings without being interrupted, etc.
  2. For my top 2 suggestions I was thinking of Physical ID's and Car Keys. What I mean by Physical ID's is that we have to go to the courthouse or a building somewhat like that with a bubble where you can buy the Physical ID, the ID can be stolen by other players just like it would when other items you have get stolen when youre ziptied and searched. When your ID is stolen you will have to wait a certain amount of time when you can purchase another one. Once someone steals your ID, they can use it in situations where you have to give your ID to a cop or in any other RP scenario like that to hide your identity. For the Car Keys, its pretty self explanatory, you will have to hold a local at gunpoint and you will have to get the keys from them in order to steal the vehicle. You will need to give your friends the car keys in order for them to drive.