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  1. Connor

    Masks and Voice boxes

    Assuming that goes with the people that purposely wear motorcycle helmets that don't come off unless changed, as well.
  2. Connor

    Gangs and Jobs

    This mixed with my suggestion would be great, honestly. I also suggested that about the mechanics, but not the realtors
  3. Connor

    Factions ( Gangs )

    My suggestion was based on criminals, only. Nothing more. Why? Because it's saturated that way right now. My proposal was: 1. Have 2/3 gangs in the server. ( Min. 4 Max. 6 members per ) 2. Have 3/4 drugs in the server. ( Coke, meth, weed, opium ) 3. Each gang chooses 1 to produce and hold down. ( Weed is for everyone that finds it. ) 4. Each gang splits the weapons among each other and then are the reliable parties to sell the high priced weapons to people. 5. Gangs sell drugs to civilians for a certain expense. Gangs can sell to each other for a certain expense. 6. Gangs are where people need to go to get dirt money cleaned at a maximum of 20% cut. 7. People need to use Dark Chat to find gangs and these drugs/weapons. 8. There's no shooting on sight between gangs, there needs to be some sort of RP. 9. Each gang member has a specific rank that gets a specific amount of money per check. 10. Each gang gets their own, mysterious located base to save drugs, money, weapons, vehicles. There's obviously more that can be done or things that can be lessened that I proposed, but this will bring more RP, 100% This will limit criminal activity and force people to have real jobs instead of farming drugs all the time. This has nothing to do with jobs that aren't provided or anything else not suggested here. This is purely on the base that this is a huge issue right now in terms of making money and it being drugs only.
  4. Connor

    BMW S1000

    BMW S1000 Bike please! I will buy 1 instantly. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-s1000-rr-2014
  5. Connor

    Mechs shouldnt be touching cosmetics

    I think it should be limited. There definitely should be mechanics with their own shops, but the city should be more spread out and Los Santos Kustoms should have some of its own places that don't involve someone doing your car for you. You just make the values a bit more expensive compared to a normal mechanic's job. I mean, that's how they should be earning their money.
  6. I was talking with someone about the gangs within the city and apparently there's just Lost MC then 2 other gangs without titles. I feel as though those other 2 should take part in Los Santos and claim Ballas, Vagos or Grove St. Also, all factions get a specific base they can meet up at for meetings and where they can deposit drugs, weapons and anything else they want. They also get certain vehicles by the city that they can use at any time. Some motorcycles, armored cars etc. ( The cities I've been in had 4 total vehicles. 2 motorcycles, 2 cars ) They also are the ones people ( civilians not in gangs ) have to clean dirty money too ( They can only take a max of 20% ) and buy certain, overpowered weapons from. ( snipers, ak, m4 etc. ) The factions also are limited in numbers to keep it balanced and more convenient. Most places I've seen have to have at least 4 people and a max of 7 to 9 people in 1 gang because the server would get saturated beyond that. They also get certain ranks. Like, gang leader, soldier, right-hand, family etc. and each tier gets a different payout for their paycheck ie: Gang leader ( 5k per 10 or 15 mins, I'm not sure this servers time on those ) then soldier ( 2k per ) right-hand ( 4k per ) and so on. So, I feel as though this would bring more to the server overall and cause new RP and turf wars or drug wars etc. because certain gangs claim certain drugs. Hopefully this makes sense I'd like to talk to someone if needed to help explain myself better. I'd like to be involved as a leader of Grove St. too if possible and applicable to the stuff above. -Cory Gu ( Sorry I used Connor on the website ) Edit: Also, this can have users be more involved in the Dark Chat and use #Drugs #Gangs #Money #Guns etc. Since no one currently uses it and might free up the current twitter spam.