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  1. AzarReflex


    thank you
  2. AzarReflex


    agh okay no problem only thought it would be a good idea for gangs ect because in my case i like to have separate houses for different thign one to store drugs one to store guns but itd be cool if all gang members could just access it but idk
  3. AzarReflex


    im not sure if this is already a thing but if its not could it be possible for people to access friends houses if granted? per say... /givehousekeys or some sort of way to allow each other to enter the house without the friend needing to be there?
  4. AzarReflex


    like, i did a delivery job and the money went into my inventory just wondering if ever job can deposit the earnings into the bank automatically.
  5. AzarReflex


    just a suggestion when earning money from a job could we possibly get it put in the bank instead of on the character?