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  1. Marine Veteran0

    Why, herrow there

    Much appreciated. I know that the majority of the members here are on PC, but if anyone is ever down to play on Xbox, hit me up. Gamertag is the same as the username
  2. Marine Veteran0

    Why, herrow there

    Hey guys. I'm Marine Veteran0. The name isn't just a gimmick or something that I wanted to be catchy. I am indeed a Marine who served nine years of active duty. I am also a REALTOR® in Houston and an advocate for veteran's who need help. I enjoy gaming and streaming and have some really big ideas that I want to implement once I am able to make partner on Mixer. I play a variety of games and if you are curious as to which ones, all you have to do is ask. Every session is open for anyone to join and game with. I do stream for multiple causes and will do some massive stream sessions for charities. Outside of streaming, I am a husband of over 12 years and a father to 4 crazy kiddos. If there are any questions that you have for me, just ask away. And no, my favorite crayon ain't red. It's spent brass and freedom