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  1. TheMoominBrand

    Friendly Neighborhood Moomin

    This took far longer than anticepated. But glad to say i am back
  2. TheMoominBrand

    Excited for new games?

    My growing groups on FB, Twitter etc along with my streams and YouTube channel have all been centred around WWE Games, I was wondering if that is something i can for this site as I notice no one currently does. That said, I have on order the SmackDown 20th Anniversary Edition on for WWE2k20 as well as this which I am UBER excited for!! https://store.eu.square-enix-games.com/en_EU/product/564491/final-fantasy-vii-remake-1st-class-edition-ps4
  3. TheMoominBrand

    Increasing RP

    Glad I am reading this, only done an hour or two to get into things, I have not done RP before but want to invest into it. I took a job as a Reporter, my main aim is to work with cars somehow, i was hoping to report on street racing or legal racing as my character background is a petrol head with a passion for photography and muscle cars. So i was to build on that.
  4. Seems I have everything ready to start playing on the RP Server later.

  5. TheMoominBrand

    Friendly Neighborhood Moomin

    Hey Guys, TheMoominBrand here, budding streamer, have experience in building stories and original creations for people on WWE2KGames. Started to get a decent following but havn't been able to stream recently. I am movin home in 2 weeks though and will be setting up a dedicated streaming room. I will be using K33NRp to stream as well as my WWE2K Content. Hope to see you guys around and look me up on the usual socials.