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  1. Ink

    8.7.18 - 10x - Rust Server - Car Removal

    cars are now fixed and can be purchased in the /s shop in the commands section!
  2. Ink

    8.7.18 - 10x - Rust Server - Car Removal

    if players are looking to have this added back in i have a way that works always when the car is purchased to where when the car is purchased the car will instantly spawn in front of them. Just get in touch with me and ill work on it when I can
  3. Ink

    Bot for "Going Live" updates

    do you have a set schedule that you strictly follow for when streaming or no?
  4. Ink

    Heli loot and harvesting heli issues

    so the health bar wasnt going down at all for heli or animals?
  5. Better and easier English download for Ring of Elysium, Enjoy!
  6. Ink

    Heli loot and harvesting heli issues

    @Cerwin8D i turned the rarity down for the m249. its should spawm more hopefully. let me know.
  7. ill look into turning smelting up faster as a reasonable speed. dont want it to be too fast.
  8. Ink

    Heli loot and harvesting heli issues

    when you try to harvest the part is it making a burning sound? if so then you have to wait. If youre not hearing the burning try hitting the debris somewhere else. Ive noticed on many servers you have to find "the sweet spot" for the debris to start breaking. Also ill take a look at heli loot although keep in mind the M249 is supposed to be hard to obtain as its a very powerful weapon. will post back when i think its fixed.
  9. I know its a little messy and i may make another video that is a bit faster and cleaner to watch but this will do for now. Feel free to add me ItsInkss if you download RoE! Drop a sub and a like if you will, i would appreciate it!
  10. Added preview of the glow in the dark fix to the skin in OP
  11. Ink

    3.1.18 - 10x - Global Wipe

    Looking for a nice small map for next wipe. will post images/link in the discord under the #rust channel
  12. Old skin wouldnt update so i had to start fresh which means get out votes back. I added glow to the K33N text and logo on the shirt. Opinions on this skin? More to come if this is a thing we would like to see! Have to get votes for it to be in game though! (Front) https://image.prntscr.com/image/S7CvFEMFRiS63kxTmo739w.png (Back) https://image.prntscr.com/image/DoeEib0mSo_ajreTMmytRg.png Visit skin page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1324376283 Glow in the Dark