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  1. craniodad

    Fork the branch and plant a new tree?

    Happy to hear the things that will be going on and willing to help in any way. It may still need to be something at some point.... but let's see what magic we can make happen. Thank you, again.
  2. craniodad

    Cars *waits for dirty looks*

    Good conversation and easier answer than what I was proposing. Thanks for the input and looking forward to the (hopefully) quick resolution.
  3. In line with many of the items that we are finding, it has been mentioned so I figured I would bring it up..... I know it would take a TON of work... and there are some of us that are willing to help. But what about re-coding a fresh version of Los Santos? Rip off the band-aids, replace, clean, optimize, etc. Take an inventory, and spend a weekend getting things back. Then, move forward. Again, I know it is a ton of work. It would take time. It would halt all other progress... but the outcome may be a faster, more stable, more modular (able to drop in things easier), server. I would even be happy to raise / throw some money at this to make it happen.
  4. Would it be worth considering removing many... if not...... all.. of the imports and focusing on the durability system of the in-game cars? Liveries and additional items are easy to find/create for the in-game things. Removing most of the imports will make them super rare and event driven (had to be there to get it). I, for one, would not mind selling back my imports and making the durability system a thing. I, also, would be more than willing to work rapidly to create specialized liveries and such.
  5. craniodad

    Wardrobe at MRPD

    Could we throw a clothing shop in the locker rooms at MRPD that only has cop clothes for when we get scuffed or need to change? I know there is the one just down the street, but have a central one with only the cop options would be helpful and fast when scuffage does happen.
  6. Tomorrow/Today is going to be the pilot class for New Citizen Orientation as hosted by the #MGGang. Learn the city, learn the ropes, walk away with a little cash in your pocket, and a chance to drive away in a car. If you are new to Los Santos, let myself, @RaleMaximus, or @weazeltoe and we will get things set up. 

    Here is to an amazing 2020.

    1. craniodad


      We had a great run for a orientation. SO many things came to mind, and we think it will be a huge help for those coming to the city. Let them focus on RP and get some of the kinks out of the way for how things work. Looking forward to MANY more groups, and even solo runs.

      IF you have any bankcards you would like to donate... they will go a long way in making it an awesome experience for the new people. 

  7. craniodad

    Happy Holidays

    2020 has all the markers of being a great year. Doing some awesome things in the city, bringing new folks in, and hoping some of the old ones hop on the bus/plane and get back soon. Thank you for all that you do, and the devs, and the citizens.
  8. Cannot wait to be on the other side of this inventory update (we can hear the server screaming in pain). In the meantime, JD has been putting in some work!!!! So many updates (big and small). Loving the things that are taking shape, and looking forward to what may come!

  9. The #MGCrew is pushing HARD to help bring more people into the city. So much has changed just in the last few months, and there are awesome things going on. I ask you... what are YOU doing to get more citizens into Los Santos? Let us know so we can work together. 

  10. craniodad

    Winter Giveaways

    This is awesome. Not just because of the prizes, but because it is forcing me to learn how to repost on Insta... keep learning folks and best of luck to all.
  11. craniodad

    12.3.19 - It's snowing at K33N Gaming!

    It is hilarious and awesome when the snow starts in the city. Having lived in SoCal for a few years... snow would BLOW THEIR MINDS. I mean, I am on the East Coast now, and our city shuts down for an inch of snow.... plebeians.
  12. Rumor has it that the #MGCrew will be flying into the city tonight.... wonder what we are going to get into?

    1. craniodad


      Jail. We got into jail... that is the answer.... 

  13. craniodad

    Who the heck is Cranio Dad?

    Right back at you @TheShiper, you have helped us learn some of the many ropes of the city and it is always an..... adventure?.... when you are on....lol. We do what we can to bring an interesting element to the city.
  14. craniodad

    Taking out the trash....

    Awesome. I thought they were at one point as well. But I have logged in after the last few restarts to find scratch offs and what not where they have been for a day or so. Thank you!
  15. Just putting this thought out there. Is there a way, during the server restart, that all dropped items could be wiped? Seeing a TON of lotto tickets and the like. If it just has a timed de-spawn, perhaps shorten it a few ticks?