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  1. weazeltoe

    Get to know Weazeltoe

    Hey folks! I'm Weazeltoe and I've been around the K33N community now for a few months. The name comes from my randomness and sense of humor. As a father of two, my game/stream time starts later than most but family always comes first here. I've come to know some wonderful people through K33N and now count many of them as friends. I stream primarily on twitch.tv/weazeltoe where you will find the majority of content to be GTARP. My primary character is Murl Goodman who happens to be a blast to play. He's a bit simple-minded and has a unique sense of humor about him. An ex-washing machine repairman from Marfa Texas turned tow truck operator in Los Santos makes for some good times. Come hang out and spend some time in the city with us!
  2. weazeltoe

    Hot Keys

    Hot keys seem to be active at all times. I eat cheeseburgers or use what’s in the hot key slots when putting contacts in my phone and need to use those numbers.