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    Hello! I'm Duff and my real name is Dale. I am super pumped to be partnered by this community! I've seen all the good things this community has done and I am very pleased to now be a part of it. So, a little bit about me. I love video games and want to share my experiences with everyone. I also love to help people. I want to bring a smile to people's faces. I love helping those who are less fortunate and have traveled far to volunteer at homeless shelters and things of that matter. I haven't done any charity work yet, but would love to be a part of that someday. I'm 17 years old and I live on the East Cost of the US. I plan to go to college for cyber security after I'm out of high school. I also love music and graphic design. Being a part of this community means a lot to me. I've never had an opportunity to do something like this before and I'm very happy to be a part of it. I primarily stream on Twitch. I do have a YouTube channel that I will occasionally upload to. I'm relatively new to streaming but I enjoy it a lot. I stream 6 to 7 days a week. If you want to check me out, ask me anything, or possibly stream together, my Twitch link is https://twitch.tv/duff_gaming I hope to get to meet and talk to as many of you as I can. Thanks for reading, and have a good day! -Duff