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  1. HoldenRiot

    Inventory Eating My Weed

    Hey @JWezer , has this happened again for you? This should be fixed when we implement https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-kickforrestart/250080
  2. HoldenRiot

    Potential Pay per employment.

    @ChodyWayne and @ChaoticNyteGames: These are fantastic suggestions! Thank you so much! I can compile screenshots of current values of payouts that we have in our database currently and DM them to you two and we can see about making the necessary adjustments!
  3. @Saul the reimbursement was added to your account on 5/10/19. @scj312 perhaps we could see about a confirmation screen when attempting to Sell a vehicle? (Will add a story for it in development board.)
  4. Lockpicks are currently disabled due to some issues we are working through. We realize they are a high priority/demand so we hope to get these re-added to enable more crime here very soon!
  5. HoldenRiot


    Hey there @Hawkeyee ! Welcome to K33N Gaming, we are glad to have ya!
  6. HoldenRiot

    Hey everyone

    Hey @najias ! Welcome to PC. You won't turn back to console I promise you. haha.
  7. HoldenRiot

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome @Caibo ! Glad to have you, we hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. HoldenRiot

    Hello ALL!

    Hey @Whothahell ! Welcome!!
  9. HoldenRiot


    @ChodyWayne this should be addressed after we move the non import (Domestic) cars location
  10. HoldenRiot

    dirty money

    Hey @Shotman2 , Unfortunately since you put the money in the car (Which was fine) and then stored the vehicle in the garage, that is why it disappeared. Sorry about that but that is a FiveM thing and as of now we do not have a good way to fix that.
  11. HoldenRiot

    Emergency Alert Issue

    I believe it is still an issue but I haven't really noticed it much lately. Its a rare occurrence but it can happen depending on where they are. I used the live map to confirm what was going on and I would notice that when people get teleported inside of a place, like jail, weed lab at the campsite or anything (im not sure if that includes going in their own homes). it will show them located down at the money laundering location and if they call emergency 911 or ems, it will show them at that money laundering spot on their gps
  12. @DeFi I don't think the clip seemed to upload there properly, could you attempt to repost/edit the link for me?
  13. HoldenRiot


    Thanks @Mel. Sorry for the inconvenience we will hopefully get this sorted in the next few days!
  14. HoldenRiot

    Hey All!

    Hey @TheFridgey . Glad to have you and glad to have you representing us as a K33N Partnered Streamer!
  15. HoldenRiot

    hello everyone :)

    @jeanr6__ Appreciate it! Hope your enjoying it!