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  1. Maelas

    Bot for "Going Live" updates

    Sorry im late on this. I have a schedule yes, but its not strict yet. Still working on it. I could very well just use a macro key or something to do this. But it also doesnt take but a minute to type on discord and twitter. Was just wondering.
  2. Maelas

    Bot for "Going Live" updates

    Hey guys, Im still researching but at the moment havent found anything concrete about a bot that can possibly update some or all of a twitch streamers social media. Something that says "Hey I'm live!" without having to manually update twitter...etc every time I start the stream. I use streamlabs and I am not sure yet if they off such a service but ill be doing some more googling shortly. Kinda wondering if anyone already knows of something like this. thanks
  3. Maelas

    Networking tips

    Hey everyone! I'm curious to know what the streamers do to advertise and get their name out there. I have an idea but I want to make sure I not doing something wrong. Thanks
  4. Maelas

    Possible Name change

    Thanks guys! The name doesnt mean anything really. The story is I tried one time to play D&D in the Army...The army of all places...Made a character drawing and created a name; Maelas. Didnt really get into it but kept the name.
  5. Maelas

    Possible Name change

    Sooooo, I have a question for the masses. On more than one occasion I will get someone in my stream who will say something snarky about the game or my stream and leave. I have been told a few times that I should change my stream name. I am hoping to get everyone else's points of view on this. As a viewer, would you watch a streamer who had the name "Maelas"? does the name really even matter to you? I have been back and forth about this. I have had the name for a long time but I am open to the idea of changing it. Thanks!
  6. Maelas

    Twitch/Mixer/Facebook/Youtube Streaming

    I sure do know Restream.io. I used it a few times in the past when I wanted to stream to Hitbox.. I will give Mixer/twitch a go and see what happens. I havent even looked at Mixer yet but I have a feeling I will have to set up channel panel and all that too. Shouldnt take too long though.
  7. Maelas

    Twitch/Mixer/Facebook/Youtube Streaming

    Actually Im not even an affiliate. I was kinda curious what people think about the whole thing since I am seeing a lot of people talk about it. Im not really see many results on people jumping ship to facebook gaming but was hoping someone could provide insight so I can maybe do some sort of comparison.
  8. Hey guys, Wanted to get input from everyone about some things I have been reading. In a nutshell, Im seeing that anyone starting out on twitch may as well keep it as only a hobby as making it a lucrative thing is nearly impossible and that twitch is just much too saturated. I am reading where small streamers who moved to other platforms such as Facebook have dramatically increased viewership and Im curious if anyone has made any similar moves. If not, just would like to know everyones general opinion about making such a move. Thanks!
  9. Maelas

    K33N Rigs ( Post Your Rig )

    There is a kit on amazon for around $100 or so. I do like them yea. They are bright but surprisingly not distracting at all. You kinda lose track of them.
  10. Maelas

    K33N Rigs ( Post Your Rig )

    This is a better picture. Thanks to Mouse Without Borders, I dont need extra keyboards/mice for the 2 PC setup
  11. Maelas

    K33N Rigs ( Post Your Rig )

    GamePC: Case: Corsair 800D Motherboard: Asus z97-A CPU: I7 4790k GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 RAM: Ballistix 32GB PSU: Corsair CX750M Monitor: Asus VG248QE Mouse: ROCCAT Kone Keyboard: ROOCCAT Ryos MK Glow Mic: Blue Yeti Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT77 Pro HOTAS: Saitek x52 StreamPC: HP Z600 Workstation CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 5650 GPU: NVIDIA GTX 750ti RAM: 24GB Monitor: Viewsonic VA2465SH Webcam: Logitech C920
  12. Hi Guys! Im Blake (Maelas). Im 34 years old and moved from Kansas City to Germany. Freaking love it here! I was streaming Fractured Space and was contacted to come here and check out the site and the community. So far I like how it looks. I have never really been a part of any kind of streaming community at all and I would love to actually start that. If anyone wants to know anything about me, let me know! Thanks!