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    already in the works, reduced lockpicks to 50, timer has been cut, also more soon to come
  2. How do you feel about removing all the automatic weapons from the gun shop, and making it a gang thing. have it in a location of gang territory and the gangs can fight to capture that spot. once they do and hold it for 30min(or so) they can purchase the limited (x) amount of guns. This would require (x) amount of cops to be on to have access to it. 3 would be a solid number for now. just an idea will cut RDM and develop better role play. also need to set a group size, so it doesn't become power gaming, just in general. Thoughts?
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    Unbroken New Here

    Hey @itsunbroken welcome to the family. Hope to see you playing some GTA RP and make some badass friends!
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    Hey hows it going, my name is Mistah From Cali, i play loads of games. Currently i am play CS:GO, MonsterHunter(xbox), R6. stream every now and then, Twitch.tv/MistahMeh found this site through Maelas. here to make friends and have fun. Anywho, just wanted to say hi, any questions please ask.