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  1. Hey y'all, my name is **Coffishi**, and I'm a new person in the k33n! I'm not great at introducing myself, but basically I recently got back into streaming, and i'm looking to expand my viewerbase! I used to be a ranked player only streamer for OW/LoL/Apex, and it ended up impacting me negatively ( issues keeping positive attitude etc. ), so I decided to change it up and do what I have a passion for which is **First impression/playthrough/reviews of Indie Games**! So far it's been a really great experience, commentating, voice acting parts, and overall having fun with the chat/stream, and I figured I would try to get myself out there a little more! What I'm looking for specifically isn't exactly "follow for follows" or anything like that, I genuinely want to network as well as make some new friends, that I can watch and vice versa! I hope to get to know some of you, and hopefully you can join me on my journey! The content that I make is basically reviews/commentary, so my stream is good if you're curious about a game, on the fence about buying it, or just wanting to check out various steam games! I plan to do playthroughs of a game, then swap to another game, so on and so forth. If none of those reasons are captivating, I also let you guys choose what game I play next, actively talk with chat, and voice act in stupid voices! Thanks for taking the time to read!