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  1. @KLB725 @UniNicola @FortinDom @RAGEgame i've seen demo's more functional than this. if i am going to be realistic, 76 is an alpha...

  2. not live RIGHT NOW.... but i am going to be tomorrow. roughly 1 - 2 pm AEST. Depending on when i get back from appointments.

  3. @VaughnWhiskey Take it easy, Good Sir!

  4. @SUB2r @VaughnWhiskey @foxman150 @ThatCrash @DuncanKneeDeep @CaptainSparklez im just pulling ya leg :3.

  5. @kelly__le You'll hate me then. i hear both.

  6. RT @Naaackers: We are LIVE! Today's stream is dedicated to the @OBSProject fundraiser! 100% of all donations go to OBS at the end of the st…

  7. I've decided to go with plc_coomera 's nutrition system for one week. if I like it, then I'll go for another week.… https://t.co/RUV97x8C9X

  8. @clumsyclara35 @XboxSupport Please DM me :3.

  9. @FameBooster_ @DevilArmy_ @SGH_RTs @GFXCoach @BlazedRTs @FindMeGFX @FearRTs @DripRT @Demented_RTs Scam. not to ment… https://t.co/J39vejFgmz

  10. @NZ_Evldoa @archonaut I know Mixer wont. But i will > : 3.

  11. Reminder of Love, and why you should care. Read: https://t.co/r5eTljLgAL

  12. @TeamEmmmmsie Reminds me of this: https://t.co/IH4fFPlLFG No idea why..... xD

  13. @Wulf7151 This is true... i just dont want to get caught up in something like "You used the name Janoria to sell me… https://t.co/CSeGglk3Jd

  14. @CumshotH @DNRCREWx @DNRRTs @SGH_RTs @DNRCREWx @DNRRTs @SGH_RTs Can we all just... Report this wanker?... This is j… https://t.co/Vea6ODVVmt

  15. @tomscott hope you dont mind that i backwards engineer it for that sake... instead of https://t.co/4Aaa8nqu6h its https://t.co/mEIJyDvNvV

  16. @devtesla i was legitimately thinking what the fuck until i saw the end result.. like... coca cola? meat? stick? Wh… https://t.co/cHG44Q0sRV

  17. @julianvaughn_ @BUNNYH00D that looks creepy as fuck man... no lie.

  18. @TankorSmash its been moderated since... in favor and against favor... i.e the entire arguments been wiped.

  19. RT @TheRookieTrain: First games kicking off now! The Rookie Train vs The Slot Knobs #RainbowSixSiege #TRTInvitachonals #HowdoIplaythis game…

  20. I'd be both a Racist, AND a sexist! IT IS NOT RACISM IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU A STUPID AMERICAN, BUT DECIDES TO OMIT Y… https://t.co/mLzdnNw9cB

  21. @rezmble i like that ass... but really.. I AM GAY... and no i am not satirically saying this... i actually am gay.… https://t.co/XbMfV9A5sm

  22. Going live right now! https://t.co/BzfxO7Elhh, https://t.co/ARgre47Z1n & https://t.co/NmV56XOieu . @SGH_RTs… https://t.co/5IXvhDjX9t

  23. Stream was great tonight. Huge thanks to @Jessper for dropping in. i really appreciate it! Also thanks to… https://t.co/NPHiCGIUvS

  24. @2guysplayzelda THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS GOOD SIR!!!... put up your dukes :3

  25. @EA The question is, how much of a % is going to be shared with the victims? we've seen horror stories that compan… https://t.co/ERDCa7JlSy