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  1. Hallies Comet

    Hello all!!

    Thank you!!!
  2. Hallies Comet

    Hello all!!

    I go by the name HalliesComet. Doppler106 (my hubs) also might be joining me on some of my streams for Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch, and Borderlands 2. I do play a little bit of everything. Mainly RPGs and MMOs, but I am expanding my gaming. FFXIV is one of the main games I play. I have also gotten into Overwatch and play way too much Dragon Age Inquisition. I also watch anime, read books, draw, watch movies/tv shows, write reviews on video games, and make commercials. If you guys ever have any requests on what games you would like to see streamed or have a question for me, just let me know. Happy gaming!!