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  1. AbyssmalSkill

    Possible Name change

    @Maelas erm i dont know what the name means, so im kind of indifferent on it...though i say if you like the name, keep it.
  2. AbyssmalSkill

    Hello Guys, This Is Me (I Guess)

    On the discord, my name is Addiskass @HoldenRiot
  3. AbyssmalSkill

    Where My Overwatch Boys At?

    I'm currently looking for some Overwatch players to fill up my competitive team. They must be around 2200 SR, or about low-mid gold. I'm a Lucio main, which means we'll be needing 1 more healer, 2/3 tanks, and 1/2 dps players. Hit me up if any of you guys play Overwatch on PC and are around the SR I require. - AbyssmalSkill
  4. AbyssmalSkill

    Hello Guys, This Is Me (I Guess)

    Hi guys! This is me, AbyssmalSkill, also known as Addiskass on the K33N discord server. I love me my overwatch, and even though I haven't been playing for long, I'm still a pretty experienced player. Don't write me down immediately. I'm just starting to upload some of my overwatch highlights onto my Youtube channel, so it would be cool to see some support there. I also like playing a variety of games on my PS4, including Fortnite, Destiny 2, and some indie titles. I've been in the K33N discord server for about 3-4 months now, but I'm only just now getting around to making a k33ngaming.com account. This community really is a blast, and I can't wait to see how it grows! - AbyssmalSkill (Addiskass)
  5. AbyssmalSkill

    My First Overwatch Highlight!

    This is my first overwatch highlight, hope ya guys enjoy!