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  1. Hello everyone!!!

    sea of thieves is definitely cross platform. I am so down to go hunt some treasure with any pc player on here lol
  2. Hello everyone!!!

    I just wanted to say hello to everyone in the community here at k33ngaming... I have been slowly trying to get to know as many of you as i can by just popping into your channels on mixer... I have not gotten a chance to check out any of the other streamers on any other platform but I do plan on taking the time to have a look at all of you eventually. I am just a dude who really enjoys playing games and I love the interaction that streaming gives me. Getting to meet a whole new mess of people is always fun and I cant wait to get to meet all of you eventually. I mainly stream pubg but i am def going to be doing some sea of thieves ocationally and possibly some read dead 2 and dark souls remastered... we will see what happens when that time comes though. Look foreward to meeting all of you in the future BIGFURIOUSBEEF