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  1. XxWWJDxX

    *URGENT* Pink Cage Motel

  2. XxWWJDxX

    LEO: Radar Gun Bug

    thank you for reporting this we will look into it
  3. XxWWJDxX

    Real Estate

    one property labeled 2677 whipsymound drive only gives you the keys to the garage and not keys to the house. i wont sell it.
  4. XxWWJDxX

    Garage Wont Open

    can confirm that this garage does not open still. looks like a yellow pole is in the way of it opening.
  5. XxWWJDxX

    MONEY vanished

    had 5 grand on me and it just vanished when i signed in. i had it in my pocket then froze and had to force quit.
  6. it has a parking ramp below it you could maybe make a garage to store my car and client cars
  7. XxWWJDxX

    K33N Rigs ( Post Your Rig )

    the rig ya know!!! MSI Gaming Aegis 216US Tower Specs: GPU: Nividia GTX 1070 CPU: I7 HDD: 2TB RAM:16GB Peripherals: Headset: Astro A50 Mic: Black out edition Blue Yeti Mic boom arm Cam: Logitech 920 Mouse: Logitech G900 Keyboard: Logitech G910 Mouse Pad: XL pecham Elgato Stream Deck Monitor: Acer 24inch predator + 24inch samsung Chair: Secret Labs Titan just a green screen I think that's it!!!