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  1. RT @viticci: Here's a pretty cool shortcut idea: use HDMI-CEC (if your TV supports it) to turn on your TV and switch input to the TV. Use…

  2. RT @Barknado69: The job hunt is going well https://t.co/1GUWGe9CBm

  3. RT @iamdevloper: > did you know you're connected to the production database? https://t.co/vrYgmyzt3f

  4. RT @vgcerf: Simple flowchart: https://t.co/Q2NCyOLBTH

  5. RT @iamdevloper: 1969: -what're you doing with that 2KB of RAM? -sending people to the moon 2017: -what're you doing with that 1.5GB of RA…

  6. RT @marcjeanson: Developer job ads https://t.co/spQP1MJSEL

  7. RT @thurrott: "Google still doesn't have an answer for the lag issue found on some Pixel 2 XL devices." Oh, I got this one. It's "Android."

  8. Great way to start the week https://t.co/ZQzN06DwdN

  9. @Mantia Last time I did that I clogged the toilet, so no.

  10. RT @Mantia: Sure, praise things or criticize things. But don’t jump to conclusions like giving raises or terminating employment. You don’t…

  11. Pumpkin spice chai is so good 😍 @Starbucks https://t.co/MS5UeVRjun

  12. RT @stroughtonsmith: Relevant (/via https://t.co/W2EtrUAj6A) https://t.co/77DEuThqjq

  13. RT @realMatMolina: In the last 18 years Republicans have voted 9 times in favor of raising their own salary. Raising it a total of $99,000…

  14. RT @JeffBaum13: https://t.co/JqlQwRV9KF

  15. RT @ow: Let's get this straight: - To avoid Google's 30% cut, Epic makes Fortnite Android require users lowering security - Google warns…