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  1. Added new vehicles and custom liveries for LSPD and BCSO (Thanks to ChaoticNyte and Grant!) Added cuffing animation Improved FPS by changing how police vehicle sirens operate
  2. The K33N RP whitelist server is now using TokoVOIP for all voice communication! This allows much better reliability, positional sound, and a better radio for LEO and EMS players. As such, in order to play on the K33N RP whitelist server, TeamSpeak must be connected to the K33NRP.com server, with the TokoVOIP plugin installed. You will see a splash screen upon joining the game. The K33N RP Launcher has been updated to install TokoVOIP for you, and also connect to the K33N RP TeamSpeak automatically when joining the FiveM whitelist server! To use standard (proximity) voice chat in game, use your TeamSpeak push-to-talk key. Do not press the N key that was previously used. The phone has also been updated to use TokoVOIP. Now, during phone calls, you must use your CapsLock key to talk. Note: To increase realism, players nearby can hear you talking on the phone. For LEO and EMS players, you no longer need to use a password to join TeamSpeak, and an in-game radio control replaces the old Emergency Services channel. To turn on the emergency services radio, press Shift-=, then select Turn On. To talk using the radio, press CapsLock. Note: To increase realism, players nearby can hear you talking on the radio. Questions? View the FAQ:
  3. scj312

    6.23.19 - Bug fixes

    - Cruise control is now up arrow (and D-Pad Up) - Sex Shop has been removed due to causing client side crashes. - Several bug fixes and behind-the-scenes tweaks.
  4. scj312

    6.1.19 - Drug updates

    Now you can use any drug: Coke gives a small health boost and sprinting speed boost Meth gives a small health boost and durability boost Use Xanax to sober up more quickly Now you can sell drugs to locals even if there are no police online, at a slight discount due to reduced risk. Improved chance of picking weed
  5. Store robberies: Lowered lockpick price from $500 to $50 Signficantly reduced time to rob cash register Increased minimum cash register payout more robberies updates to come! Misc: Added tips to closed drug processing lab doors to make discovery easier Fixed inventory on some smaller screens
  6. Bag improvements: Fixed bag item counts being affected by other players Fixed bags allowing more items than they should Fixed bag object staying in world after trading bag Added ability to specify amount of items to take out of bags Drug improvements: Added progress bar to drug actions Increased drug selling price Increased locals drug purchasing amounts Other improvements: Reduced the occurrence of blackouts Traffic cam tickets have been reduced from $25 per MPH over the limit to $5 Increased owned business payouts
  7. scj312

    5.28.19 - Drugs update

    Coke and meth have returned to the city! Here are the details: Improved rate of weed picking Added coke and meth processing Gather coke plant and supplies before cutting coke Gather meth supplies before cooking meth Processing lab locations may move each server restart Sell coke and meth to NPCs
  8. Fishing is back! Buy a fishing rod and some bait, rent a boat, and use the rod to start fishing. Press E to stop fishing. Added LEO radar gun Fixed force-respawn error when joining Fixed data loss on restart by kicking all players right before restart
  9. Split domestic and import car dealerships Domestic dealership has moved back to the original location on Power Street Import dealership is now its own job and has moved downstairs Dealerships can now take cars out for test drives without penalty Moved the car sell marker to be out of the way in the alley behind the imports dealership Garage updates Import vehicle names now show when taking out of garage Moved the garage entry marker by the import dealership to be in a better location
  10. The next server update will occur 4/4/19 at 6 PM ET / 22:00 UTC. Here is what will be coming in the update: New Locations San Andreas Museum Sex Shop Vespucci Beach Bar New Interactive Jail Get your mug shot taken Make money by working in jail Enjoy visits from other, non-jailed players Press Shift-E to sit down Use emotes menu to stop sitting down New Dealerships Aircraft shop Boat shop Truck shop Gameplay Improvements Upgraded ATMs - New ATMs video demo Fixed distress signal Fixed players becoming invisible Increased the time it takes to draw a weapon to help reduce RDM - Weapon draw video demo New /cuff and /drag chat commands for LEOs Store owners can now sell drills, which can be used for robberies Slowed down mechanic weld time and vehicle repair time Vehicle damage tweaks Other Recent Improvements Added ability to report players in-game Added additional tips to the periodic chat announcements Fixed accidental empty of bank from /respawn command Fixed gang NPCs dropping weapons Improved salary balance various behind-the-scenes infrastructure improvements You can see many of these updates in the teaser video from the other week Here.
  11. When you register or sign into K33NGaming.com, we want to make it as easy as possible, so there have been options to sign in using Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Recently, for multiple reasons, these stopped working. The Google and Twitter login methods have been fixed, so you can now link your K33N account to these services for quick and easy login. The Facebook login method has been removed due to new Facebook Developer policies. Thanks for being a member of K33N!

  13. I would like to formally thank the management for the protection of my butt cheeks https://t.co/FpruIWPk5o

  14. @mehedih_ Too bad the new toolbar icons, which actually affect how we work, have gone so far downhill recently 😣

  15. RT @gruber: Microsoft in its 90s heyday was mean, but not dirty. They played hard but clean. I don’t think tech has ever seen a dirty playe…