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  1. plethorasaurous

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: K33N Partnered Streamers

    Been done! <3
  2. plethorasaurous

    I would like to know ...

    Hello all, Pleth Here! K33N League of Legends streamer, Star Wars fanatic, as well as an avid RPG slayer. Recently, I have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XV and beat the story. I have now been trying to 100% complete the game, and have been streaming while doing it. Though, that is fun and my avid watchers enjoy it, I want to stream these games AND their stories. Once the story is done, I feel it is time to move on and play something else on stream so ... I need your help. In the poll I am going to list a few games I wouldn't mind playing for you all on stream from start to finish for their story. Let me know what you would want to see, and if it's not there, comment below and let me know what you want to watch! Since I don't have THAT large of a fan base, maybe I can play it on my random game nights (Sundays and Mondays). Thank you all for hangin out with this scrub Janna main in advance! For those That don't know the games listed, I put the trailers of each down below ^-^ Have a good day everyone! Kingdom Hearts: Oblivion and Skyrim: Fallout 3/NewVegas/4 Horizon: Zero Dawn Final Fantasy 7 (To get ready for the Remake!) Farcry: Primal
  3. plethorasaurous

    New Streaming How-To's added 10.19.17

    Oh I know. I was just laughing from the conversation the other night when you dropped on my stream and I had like ... 10 people on it, and was getting hosts left and right, AND NOW my stream is on the how-to. I just couldn't help but laugh. Twas a good day lol
  4. plethorasaurous

    New Streaming How-To's added 10.19.17

    Still, Slightly advertised.
  5. plethorasaurous

    K33N Partnered Streamers Download Kit

    Sweet beans!
  6. plethorasaurous


    Hello All! My IG is Plethorasaurous, Or Pleth for short. In almost any and all games I play, if I can be a support player I will be. I mostly play League, and am A support main in that game as well with my best champs being: Janna, Braum, Lulu, Soraka, Taric. but I play most of the champs in the support role if need be. Other than league though, I dabble in a lot of RPGs, whether they be MMO or just single player, I typically try most out. I sometimes will stream things like World of Warcraft, Though soon I hope to expand to other things like Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, and even some Final Fantasy games. Though my main ELO climbing game is League, at heart I will forever and always be a roleplayer. Currently I'm in the Navy, but will be getting out shortly so my schedule is going to be sporadic. Though, mostly expect anywhere from 1pm PST to 8pm PST for stream times. I hope to meet you all soon! Pleth.