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  1. Shotman2

    car being locked

    You can lock pick a car now?
  2. Shotman2

    car being locked

    i have gotten both my cars and bike being stolen after i locked them, i don't how people can open locked vehicles but i would like my vehicles not to be stolen when locked
  3. Shotman2

    owning my customs shop and naming it

    Thanks my dude
  4. i run the ls customs on the other side of the mission row and i was wondering if u can make it so i can pull flatbeds and towtruck out of the and own and name it
  5. Shotman2

    tow trucks

    the mechanics can't pull out any tow trucks anywhere
  6. Shotman2

    dirty money

    If u put dirty money in your trunk and put in the garage and log of it disappears i lost 7.5 k