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  1. Betrix

    3.1.18 - 10x - Global Wipe

    make the seed a small map if possible please
  2. I want to make a fornite montage regarding everyone in k33n. (No one else) If you want to see this reply with Yes or No. 5 Yes's and ill make this a1reality Anyways besides all of that, I will obviously need clips. Here is what I'm looking for: 1. Clips of cool kills 2.Clips of funny deaths 3.Clips of Bugs or funny glitches that happen 4. Anything else that seems cool If you are wondering how to get clips from your own twitch channel, you can download with this method: If you don't stream but you want to be in this montage, then there are multiple ways the record your gameplay: For AMD: download the latest drivers and then download Radeon Relive when it prompts you to do so https://support.amd.com/en-us/download For Nvidia: Download Shadow Play https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/ If you are wondering, yes I will give everyone credit from twitch/youtube in the description and on the screen when their clip is shown. To submit clips/videos to me: 1. DM on discord (betrix303#9774) 2. Reply here I will wait 1-2 weeks till I start to gather clips Any other things you feel I should add, just reply with it
  3. Betrix

    Hey Guys!

    Hello everyone, my name is Ryan but my in-game name is Betrix so you can call me whatever. I am a mod in the K33N Discord server so if you have any issues and/or questions i can always help. I like all sorts of games but the games I play currently are: PUBG/ Rust/ CS:GO/ COD:WW2/ COD:MW2/ Rainbow 6 Siege/ Scrap Mechanic/ Poly Bridge, just to name a few.