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  1. @MrBromerica Fair enough. Games can’t feel like a job. I’ll prolly start up streaming again soon with WoW. BFA has got me hyped.

  2. @MrBromerica hey man. Doing that wow thing?

  3. @STEVE8Kofficial So you don’t have to preorder the collectors edition to gain access to the beta? Is the beta currently active?

  4. I miss @lawbreakers Games are feeling stale and I wish I could just dive back into my favorite shooter. https://t.co/X6F0Na0eLY

  5. RT @prozdkp: facing the final boss after doing every single sidequest https://t.co/Lsqv5eXxJl

  6. Based on a true story! https://t.co/bgw3c467LN

  7. @GetSpectrum why do I have an AI talking to me using the Live Chat system? It keeps saying “I assure you I am a rea… https://t.co/ARxcVLmtM6

  8. @MedievalChicago had an amazing time as usual! Had a few guests mistake us for staff! Maybe next time I’ll come in… https://t.co/BvTYzP9G30

  9. Already better than last year https://t.co/ytD74XkGy0

  10. did you know kids as young as 4 play @SeaOfThieves? check out the link below for Babyface Jim and more in my most r… https://t.co/59XJKuHzv0

  11. Yarrr!! here be me 3 tips n tricks to aid ye in yer quest for Pirate Legend status. https://t.co/ebYJO8fOlp https://t.co/ElOsX2tmtE

  12. RT @CNN: At least three people were wounded and the suspect, a woman, was found dead after a shooting on the campus of YouTube HQ in San Br…

  13. @thefroste @SeaOfThieves #allbirdsmatter https://t.co/FDMYyDqj1r

  14. If you want to see some damn good pvp action, follow the link to watch my new @SeaOfThieves video.… https://t.co/8gHU7CXcVT

  15. @SeaOfThieves any word on when the Founder’s ship customizations will be available?