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  1. Tier 3 subs also get their loyalty badges included

  2. RT @RockstarGames: Red Dead Online Beta Early access begins tomorrow, November 27 Details: https://t.co/717bS1LYao https://t.co/J…

  3. @hannahemp1 https://t.co/Sf7XVkQl9p

  4. Grab yer grog and hurdy gurdy, its time to search the seas for pvp and athenas! https://t.co/X4Nl9ffjsG #twitch… https://t.co/JXBefjjuQX

  5. Your my favorite parasite.. no.. ringworm is my favorite parasite #RedDeadRedempion2

  6. Meg started as an incredibly fun timed event and turned into a plank eating annoyance that’s hurting the games expe… https://t.co/KNLQjY9rlZ

  7. @Castleberry81 I do free emotes to subbed followers. Other than that, it depends on the project.

  8. @Victorbot3 You be good, I’ll be bad. This way we can watch each other without spoiling content

  9. Back in my day we had to sail with a boat full of pigs and 2 chests of sorrow upwind both ways! #live #SeaOfThieves… https://t.co/qirS6C9RDi

  10. @MrBromerica How bout Rend?

  11. @ScarlettBee11 https://t.co/yyrfcAhEjh

  12. @MrBromerica Fair enough. Games can’t feel like a job. I’ll prolly start up streaming again soon with WoW. BFA has got me hyped.

  13. @MrBromerica hey man. Doing that wow thing?

  14. @STEVE8Kofficial So you don’t have to preorder the collectors edition to gain access to the beta? Is the beta currently active?

  15. I miss @lawbreakers Games are feeling stale and I wish I could just dive back into my favorite shooter. https://t.co/X6F0Na0eLY