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  1. ChodyWayne

    Dealership Parking Lot Gates

    That is actually Beautiful!!! It is the number one place for people running from the police to pass. Assuming its to be cool and show off to their friends idk lol
  2. Recently some jobs and their pay was adjusted to balance the economy better. Some of them were much needed and others I feel are going to hurt more than help, especially for white listed Mechanics who are expected to abide by the law to a reasonable extent. I logged onto my second account this morning and went through all of the available jobs as well as some others that I am familiar with. Please bare with how difficult the below lines may be to read the most important thing to pay attention to is the job itself and the total "POTENTIAL" money you could make an hr. Of course however my focus is on the mechanics potential pay compared to non white listed job. As always, thank you guys for all y'all do and hopefully this intel can help develop the economy in the future. If y'all need anymore ideas or information I am very free today and look forward to hearing back from you. Banker-$55/15min=$220hr Bus Driver-$50/15min 5per person/$435 /2k returning buss 15min trip =$10,540hr Fisherman $100 45 minutes $4500 Clothes default to bald lady =$6,400hr Gang Member No Salary 10k 5 minute turf war x8 turfs= $80,000hr Reporter- $75 15 minutes/Nothing to do $300hr Uber- $50 every 15 minutes Clothes default to bald lady $200hr trucker-Employee $200 15 minutes 2 Runs/15minutes =$1500 Including returning 1 truck =$6800hr Unemployed-$1 paycheck $4 hr Club Worker $300 15 minutes with no way to RP job $1200hr LEo-Capt $850 15 minutes $3400hr Mechanic-Tier 1 $250 15 minutes/ Tow missions pay 15 dollars for 15min work to comp account/ Repairs invoice 5-1000 to company account $1000hr Car dealer- $2500 15 minutes/ 20% profit on all vehicle sales =$10,000hr not including interest
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    Track Time.jpg

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    Track Time.jpg

  5. I have the position of Mechanic-Boss and their is a boss action within the job that has multiple cool actions. Using them however is difficult... Employee List-The list is empty Employee Recruit-When I tried recruiting someone as a test they didn't show up on the list as well as those already Mechanics don't. Salary management- There is no one on the list but currently mechanics only make $90 a check and that is if they are invoicing. The problem with invoicing is the money goes into the business account and and is allocated towards their salary. So I understand when they decide to collect cash and not invoice. The problem with not invoicing is that the business account is it only grows if we are invoicing and it is currently at $11856. and shrinking to pay them. Also this isn't a question but...Repair kits- There are multiple locations selling repair kits for 650 and it is eliminating the need for our position. The only calls we really get are tows from the police that we were able to RP in a contract with them. I'm pretty free most of the time if anyone wants to reach out about this.
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    Who knows! I may have or may not have done that already bro!
  7. ChodyWayne


    Is there any way possible that the more active and original players can get loading priority? i have connectivity issues when the server gets full and I have to wait upwards of an hour to get in when I was already on. Thanks for hearing me out!
  8. ChodyWayne


    While looking at the non import cars at the dealership it puts you in invisible outside. I ran over a player in a huge explosion and we both died. We couldn't see each other.
  9. ChodyWayne

    Mechanic Tow Missions

    I'm here in and out of game bro!
  10. ChodyWayne

    Mechanic Tow Missions

    Hey guys, I am back and free. I am gonna start with a disclosure..... I AM STILL NOT 100% SURE WHAT THE GOVERNMENT AND GODS WANT TO SEE. I CAN ONLY SPEAK ON MY OPINION AND THE THINGS THAT I AM SURE I'M ALLOWED TO IMPLEMENT IN GAME. PLEASE BARE WITH HOW DETAILED THIS IS. ALSO AGAIN THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND THE GOVERNMENT IS WHO MAKES THE RULES! So I guess ill start with we all want to see a lot of things happen as well as developers and admins. Humanly it is a slow process and the K33N guys have lives. I'm unsure of priority for mechanics but here is what I would hope to one day see. (My opinions are not law by any means) -RP increase from the need of a mechanic - Mechanics not abusing their trade. Driving carelessly because they can fix their own vehicles Not taking calls Not RP'ing a repair as realistic Not charging more or less than other Mechanics Going to a repair when someone else responded first -I am trying to promote an honest living without the need for crime. Hopefully figure out more ways to make money as we did with the LEO contract. The hard part is salary/tow missions/and actual RP repairs. RP repairs should be the most beneficial. If it is the least paying portion of the job we will lose the RP. At the same time however there should be a way for the early day/late night mechanic to make money when not many people are on. The K33N guys are big boys but if they need help I have ideas as far as a pay scale and the tow mission balance if need be. Until then @theegravyI myself don't think its fair to fire people for making money even though I want to promote legal life styles. Once there is a pay balance however I do believe they should make honest livings as mechanics. (I will continue on this topic with a *) -Here is how I hope to see Chody and the Mechanics in game. I like to see myself as "A Union for Mechanics". What I do is I own the shop inside the dealership, also go on calls (Please give the other guys the first chance to make the money), set prices, orientate, hire, supervise, and promote our businesses. For the mechanics I hope for them to make enough money to enjoy the job and not abuse it. AS WELL AS... They are their own entity. They have their own shops (I want to see about them housing their own Mechanic shops. And I have an idea for the brains with who has what) They own, advertise, and make their money based on how hard they work. ( AS LONG AS RULES OF THE UNION AND GOV ARE FOLLOWED)
  11. ChodyWayne

    Mechanic Tow Missions

    I am on the road until closer to 5 but this is a good conversation. I'll hop on with some thoughts when I am back.
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    It says 70 people voted but only 69 are tallied.
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    I'm honestly more surprised that many people voted!
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    Vote for Chode!

    Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by! I want you all to know that I am running for Mayor of our beautiful city for ONE reason and one reason only. Not for the title, not for the pay(there's no pay), and not for the self glory. I am running for Mayor to make a difference in our city. I joined the city 2 short weeks ago and have been all over and done everything. I have no criminal background and have stood side by side with everyone I've met and helped us all come from nothing. As Mayor I want to be your voice to the big Government and help make our city what we dream it to be! A vote for me is a vote for our future! Lets make our city right together! VOTE CHODY! VOTE FOR CHANGE!
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    How To Register

    Name: Chody Wayne Date Of Birth: 02/16/1991 Cell Phone Number (In-game): 688-0543 Current Job : Mechanic Do you agree to all the terms that are listed in the Package: Yes.