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  1. ChodyWayne

    Invisable Walls Weed Plants

    I think its because multiple people share an instance but cant see each other. You were most likely in your instance while another person was in theirs (Same instance) but you cant see each other.
  2. ChodyWayne

    Domestic Cars - Handeling and Pricing

    Thank you for posting in the Forums! This is the best way to go about it and have your voice (TEXT) heard! I believe that is the overall thought but this will definitely be taken into consideration.
  3. ChodyWayne

    Idea for added RP for cops

  4. Zeraow, I try to remember my radar at all times. Its almost a bad habit how much I hit the 5 key lol
  5. ChodyWayne

    No way to see car upgrade status

    It was a dev question
  6. ChodyWayne

    Store at the GYM

    It charges but doesnt go in your pocket huh?
  7. ChodyWayne

    Aviation Return.

  8. ChodyWayne


    If you are interested in the Judge position please take a few minutes to post here why you are interested and why you feel you are qualified.
  9. ChodyWayne


    BECOME A PART OF CHANGE Thank you for considering me to be your mayor elect. I believe my passion and dedication for this city speaks for it- self and if elected I will be your ear and strong arm against big government. ALSO STATE FUNDED EVENTS. (HAVE AN EVENT YOU WANT TO HOST? FILE A FORMAL REQUEST TO STATE FUND YOUR EVENT) ! Join me Friday the 14th and the ballot side by side as make a stand to the big Government. -Get a shipment of more functional phones. (Save number) -Bring in more jobs. -Balance wages and create more room for advancement. -Balance the cost of living. -More property's to become available for purchase (Homes and Businesses). -Property Share (Want to throw your buddy a spare key to crash on your couch)? -Remove the balcony regulation. -More recreational hangouts. -Prioritize Emergency responders. More responders, more pay,and more time off. -Implement frequent training for our officers. -Adjust fines and Jail time. -Reduce sanctions for importing vehicles. Less taxes at the dock equal more new imports. -Take Government restrictions off of the Rocket Bunny. -MAKE THE SUPRA RACE AGAIN!!!!! On a side note, if elected I will pass over the Mechanic Boss position to @Hafthor Samson AKA Thor. Thor has shown great leadership, responsibility, and dedication to his trade. I am confident that he would do this city a great service in the future. 3
  10. ChodyWayne

    June Register For Mayor

    Name: Chody Wayne Date Of Birth: 02/16/1991 Cell Phone Number: 122-3058 Current Job : Mechanic Do you agree to all the terms that are listed in the Package: Yes
  11. ChodyWayne


    Definitely! I brought it up again:)
  12. ChodyWayne

    GOLF R

    YOOOOOOOOOOO That GTA car is sick!
  13. ChodyWayne


    At this time you can only invite people into your house while you are in it. (Sometimes you cant see them). I know its been mentioned before but ill bring it up again.
  14. ChodyWayne


    Awesome, I wanted to clarify because illegal jobs should be cash and I would think legal should be in your account. I will pass this along buddy!