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  1. People tend to use the dealership as a through street while driving or being chased by police and it's gotten several people hit at high speeds. I'd like to see two automatic gates like the one at the garage by the dealership at each entrance of the parking lot to slow down traffic and make it so it's not so easy to use as a through street or get away route. Might make it safer.
  2. Something that has been bothering me is I can only change the front wheel on my Nightblade. I'm not sure if it's the same for all bikes but I can't change my back wheel and I would love to be able to have them match. Thanks a lot for everything you guys do.
  3. Azioach

    Fighting Ring

    It would be cool to see like a boxing ring or MMA octagon. Some places I thought it would work is at the Casino by the Race Track or the Arena. And maybe when someone is knocked out inside the ring they are healed and placed outside of the ring that way EMS don't HAVE to be there.
  4. Azioach

    Owning Benny's Motorsports

    The only problem with the current mechanic shops that can be owned is that they are can not be used because we have to pay for them. On top of that you can't go inside 2 of the 4 of them it's all exterior interaction menus.
  5. Azioach

    Owning Benny's Motorsports

    Even if I have to buy it like a normal business I will
  6. I'm a mechanic and all the mechanics kind of "claimed" their shops and I was hoping to potentially get Benny's to be another customs shop that I can own and use as my mechanic shop. Thanks for your time I really appreciate everything you guys do for the server.
  7. It would be cool to see like customs paints or designs the could be done at Benny's. Like camo paint jobs, or some pen striping. Just a thought I had that would make Benny's unique.