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  1. Azioach

    Unlock The Ranch

    It would be cool to see the Madrazo's ranch unlocked. Some cool RP could come from it if a gang ever wants to use it for RP. Could help spread the people out a little at some points during the day. Doesn't have to be owned as a house or business just unlocked (however that is done)
  2. Azioach

    Domestic Cars

    Jester Classic (sports classic) Hotring Sabre (sports - good for NASCAR events at the track)
  3. Azioach

    Business License

    It would be cool to see business licenses get implemented. During the application for the License they have to break down how they are going to operate the business and present a plan to use the business for RP. This not only would possibly allow RP come from the Dispensary (talked about A LOT) and try to push for more RP pushed by business operations actually taking place in the server instead of just Idle money.
  4. Azioach

    Domestic Cars

    I've done some looking at different cars that aren't in the dealership right now. I based this list off the customization which a lot of people love when it comes to cars. _____________________________ Elegy Retro Custom (Sport) Futo Comet Retro Custom (Sport) Dominator GTX (Muscle) Specter Custom (Motos) FCR 1000 Custom (Motos)
  5. With how many car chases there are between criminals and cops crashing and check engine light is almost unavoidable. But with some cars in the city the check engine light is ignorable and still able to run from the cops. Something I've heard several people talk about is get rid of the check engine light ALL TOGETHER and just make it so cars completely stop working after a certain point. once your car has reached that point no matter what car it is you shuts down and wont move. This will make it so cops have to stop their chase and make it so criminals have to drive a little safer and when they don't they have to run on foot.
  6. Azioach

    Extended Inventory

    I feel like having a bag is great! but having to interact with two different menus just to access your items is a little inconvenient. I think it would be amazing if you have a bag it just increases your inventory space by 2x so if I can only carry 20 water without a bag I can now carry 40 with a bag and not have to go into a different menu to get that other 20. The bag is just an extension of the main inventory is what I'm thinking if that makes sense
  7. Azioach

    Trunk Access

    Can't tell you how many times someone went AFK in my car and I couldn't access my trunk. It would be nice to see the trunk be accessible when someone is in the passenger seat
  8. Azioach

    Invisable Walls Weed Plants

    I've planted weed in my apartment and it's created invisible barriers that I have to climb over or walk around to get all the plants. it's not crazy annoying but it's just very weird.
  9. Azioach

    Weed Growing

    I really like the process for weed growing. Although I think the amount of time the Fertilizer and Water lasts is not long enough. I have 20 plants and can go through getting them all to Purple level and by the time I'm done the first ones are down almost 3 levels and need to be watered and fertilized again. I would say we should only need to fertilize a plant one for each grow, and then water it every few hours. I'm sure theres a nice happy medium that can be found that doesn't require me to live in my house to make sure these things grow.
  10. Azioach


    I know this is has been talked about many times and shut down just as many times. I wanted to put in my 2 cents and a possible break down of everything that could come from this. Main point: Legal weed sale from people employed under the "blunts on the beach" dispensary. This will create more RP specially if we can only get smokable weed from them if a stress bar was implemented. The weed farm up north could be locked to anyone not employed under the dispensary. The dispensary can hire farmers who produce the weed, then they can hire drivers to deliver the weed to the distribution, the distribution can sell to players (if a stress bar is implemented) or just locals. The dispensary pays taxes similar to how it is in real life. I think working out a system (whether it be a developer addition or just something that's RPed) would help create more RP for the people involved. The issue now with the weed system is this: you go harvest alone, you sell alone and maybe cops find you if you don't leave fast enough. The new weed system: you grow alone, you harvest alone, then you take it all to one NPC who buys it from you and does not alert the cops.
  11. So we have weed (currently an obsolete drug with in the city) and we have coke and meth that give us benefits after using them. (Coke makes us run faster, and Meth gives us extra strength?) I would love to see weed be more useful for the players. Something I've thrown around in conversations with people is a stress level and weed being our main way of controlling that stress bar. Also with the new weed system where we grow it and then we have to sell it to one NPC that doesn't notify the cops or anything I think it would be cool if it wasn't an NPC but a "Hotspot" where we have to be with in a certain area of the city (3 blocks) and sell only the locals that way cops can still be alerted and possibly create RP from a currently zero RP activity.
  12. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/restaurant https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/morce-mutal-insurance-fivem-interior https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/mosley-auto-s-interior-and-garage https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/hookies-interior-ymap-map-builder https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/bar-revolver https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/cafe-in-mission-row-xml-spongoman100
  13. I've helped people buy business and I've had people help me buy businesses and I have agreements with people for percentages of their business and others have percentages of mine. What I was thinking was having partnerships within a business menu and you set a percentage for the specific person and they get that percentage of your daily payout. EXAMPLE: for my Casino i make 40k a day and if someone has 10% of my business they would get paid 4k a day from me. But if this system is possible it would just automatically pay them like a daily payout. It sounds like it would complicated to make happen so I dont even know if it's possible.
  14. So what I'm understanding is the domestic cars are going to be reworked and they will go faster or slower than 120 based on their price. (if I'm wrong there correct me) With that being said I feel like it would be appropriate the adjust the pricing of the domestic cars as well to be more appropriate for what we are getting. And then with that I feel like the domestic engine mods should go do below 100k for any individual max level mod. (example no specific car just random numbers: Engine lvl 4 - 95k, Suspension lvl 4 - 65k). My reasoning behind the Mod price changes is this: if I buy a 600k and spend 560k on mods that car should be untouchable in speed and handling. When realistically in the server we are only getting a 5-10mph boost from complete engine upgrades even if you're spending half a mil or more. I would even go as far as saying all upgrades should be the same price as all the import upgrades or similar on any car over 100k. Import cars cost roughly 147k to fully mod out. I don't mind the cars not going 250mph but I do think their speed should be reflected not only buy the price of the car to buy but also the price of the complete engine upgrades.
  15. Azioach


    I have two businesses a club (Asgard that's down south) and my Mechanic shop (God of Thunder Mechanics that's benny's) but I haven't gotten a payout from them since the first day of the payout increase