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  1. I choose the mask i want in the clothing store. when i’m done i walk out and remove the mask using /mask. when i go to put the mask back on it does the animation but the mask never appears on my face again.
  2. Tyler Sexton

    Subaru BRZ Upgrades

    Upgrades didn’t stick on my BRZ. I got everything except the turbo. none say installed and i can continue to waste money purchasing them. if possible a refund for initial purchase would be great.
  3. Tyler Sexton

    Police Live Map

    Of course! Thank you for your time@TheShiper and @HoldenRiot
  4. Tyler Sexton

    Police Live Map

    I completely understand the admin having access, no issues there. I have a IRL friend that is a cop and says he has access to the live map aswell so that leads me to believe all cops do. Assuming they do that should be taken away. i’ve been in a few failRP situations and i think it is abuse of the live map or maybe the delete key (showing names). If i’m wrong, that is my mistake and i’ll just stop here. Thanks for the reply TheShiper.
  5. Tyler Sexton

    Police Live Map

    Police should NOT have a live feed of the map. That power gets abused. Civilians don’t have GPS on them in real life, they should not have them in the realism server. Would love to hear others thoughts on the matter.
  6. Tyler Sexton

    Mechanic Tow Missions

    Totally agree with the this post. I am also a mechanic and doing tow missions it’s kind of pointless at the current rate it pays out. some incentive to do it would be awesome.