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    Hey, everybody

    Welcome to K33N!
  3. Hey all! I'm looking for a great webcam, I currently have the Logitech C615 but it's been through alot and cuts out randomly while using. I need an upgrade. What would you recommend?
  4. Viper

    A little about myself

    Hey all! I did one of these in the past, but I thought i'd tell more about myself. My real name is Brandon, but everyone calls me Viper. I'm 24 from the good ole southern state of Georgia. I'm one of the mods for K33N and you can find me in Discord as "Viper". I'm a huge aviation enthusiast with many hours in real airplanes. I'm almost a Private Pilot, just need some more hours and I should have it. I'm a Twitch Affiliate, still need better internet to stream certain games but I try. I've known Holden for a long time! Since I was young haha. Back in the day we would play games here and there. I enjoy meeting new people as well so if you catch me live just say hi! Like I said, I've been around Aviation all my life and it's my passion.. Down below is a picture of the airplane I first started logging hours in. It's a Cessna 172. Besides aviation i'm a PC gamer! I've been also gaming my entire life since I came out of the womb lol! I play a bunch of games like PUBG, Rocket League, Fortnite, GTA V, and so much more. Sometimes you'll see me streaming Flight Simulations. I have a bunch of Social Media accounts ranging from Aviation to gaming. Feel free to check them out and hit me with a follow! I follow back! Gaming~ https://www.instagram.com/viper_vbdjt/ https://www.facebook.com/vipervbdjt/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtSot2cDO1MGIOJ9d6awUVQ https://twitter.com/Viper_VBDJT https://www.twitch.tv/viper_vbdjt Aviation~ https://www.instagram.com/backseataviators/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaA_Or1h71XZG5Bk17NEsdg (GoPro videos of flying) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeVzyYM2eon3T9e3mdXJAlA?view_as=subscriber (Flight Simulation Channel) I'll update this as much as I can. But looking forward in meeting some of ya'll!
  5. Viper

    Hey Everybody!

    Welcome to K33N! Glad to have you here
  6. Viper

    AMR SOP's

    Standard Operating Procedures Please check out the following google doc for the EMS Standard Operating Procedures and ensure that you follow them to the best of your ability. American Medical Response Standard Operating Procedures
  7. Emergency Driving Policy Code 1: Routine response - Follow all traffic laws and speed limits. Code 2: High priority (Lights only) - Treat Lights as give way drive no more than 20 Mph over the posted limit. Code 3: Lights and siren - Treat lights as give way drive in a safe manner to ensure you arrive able to treat and transport injured person. Road rules and Regulations for all EMS | Fire 1. Do not drive on the opposite side of the road. 2. Always drive at a safe speed when going to a call. 3. Follow road rules while on call. 4.The vehicle needs to be able to come to a complete stop at intersections. 5.Avoid risky maneuvers while on call. 6.Damaged vehicles should not be responding to calls. 7.Protocol in place for the changing of weather conditions. 8. When responding to a call make sure to park your vehicle near the scene only when code 4. 9.If the call you have responded to is on the highway or freeway please ensure that your lights and siren are left on to allow the traffic to direct themselves into the other lane. 10. Just because you are driving an emergency vehicle it does not mean you DO NOT need to follow the traffic laws.
  8. Standard Operating Procedures Please check out the following google doc for the Standard Operating Procedures for Blaine County Sheriff's Office and ensure that you follow them to the best of your ability. Blaine County Sheriff Department Standard Operating Procedure
  9. BLAINE COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT Department Vehicle Policy Purpose: In order to maintain the proper use of department vehicles, the following has been implemented and signed off on by Sheriff Rez. The following policy shall be followed by all Deputies. Failure to comply may result in departmental discipline or criminal liability. USE OF DEPARTMENT VEHICLES All personnel assigned to patrol shall only operate marked patrol vehicles in their duties. Unmarked patrol vehicles, aircraft, or armored vehicles shall only be operated by supervisors, specialty units, or patrol units directly tasked by a supervisor. All vehicles shall be kept in working and pristine order. If a vehicle is damaged during the course of a Deputy's duties, they shall immediately have it fixed by the department's garage mechanics. Units are not authorized to drive recklessly and shall obey all rules of the roads unless driving code 3 (lights & sirens). CODE 3 DRIVING Department personnel at all levels shall obey the traffic laws unless specifically driving Code 3 (lights & sirens). If responding Code 3, lights and sirens are required. Units shall not respond Code 3 to non-violent calls, any call that does not meet the below criteria, or calls regarding simple narcotic sales. Additionally, units shall not respond Code 3 to loud party calls, public disturbance calls (i.e. drunk subjects, pesky subjects, etc), or cold calls (non-violent report calls such as theft of a vehicle). The following are the only reasons to go Code 3 in a Department vehicle: Violent Crime in Progress Note: A subject actively using a deadly weapon, robberies, or other major violent crimes. Subjects in a simple fist fight does not constitute a violent crime in progress. Felony Vehicle Stop Note: Felony vehicle stops are used when two or more units have stopped an armed vehicle, vehicle involved in violent crimes, or vehicles whom have fled from officers. A Unit Request Code 3 and/or Calls for Cover NOTE: An officer is in a fight, foot pursuit of a subject, or in a serious situation in which the officer/public safety is at risk. Prevention of a Violent Crime NOTE: A response to by units to prevent a violent crime such as murder, shootings, robberies, and other major violent crimes. Preservation of Life NOTE: A major vehicle accident, an active suicidal subject, or other situations in which an individual or public life is in danger. VEHICLE PURSUIT Any unit in an active vehicle pursuit must provide to dispatch their identifier/call sign, location, direction of travel, and want (reason for pursuit). It is the responsibility of all units in pursuit to drive with due regard to the public and other units in the area. If in an active pursuit, units shall not over take each other unless the leading unit's vehicle becomes disabled, requested to do so, or the leading unit loses the suspect by making a wrong turn. Additionally, units shall maintain a safe distance between vehicles. This is to mitigate the risk of units colliding with each other. Supervisors (sergeants and above) may Code 4 the pursuit at any time and all units shall obey that order. If a supervisor does not Code 4 (cancel) the pursuit, the primary (first unit in pursuit) may Code 4 the pursuit if need be. As with the supervisor order, all units shall Code 4 upon the order of the leading unit. If a motor unit (motorcycle) is in a pursuit, they shall terminate once marked patrol units are active in the pursuit. This is to ensure the safety of the motor unit. The PIT maneuver, or Pursuit Intervention Technique, is a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to abruptly turn sideways, causing the driver to lose control and stop. Units are authorized to use the PIT maneuver to stop a fleeing vehicle. To conduct a proper PIT, place the vehicle's front wheel (either side) against the rear tire (either side) of the suspect's vehicle. The unit then should turn their vehicle toward the suspect's own vehicle, causing it to spin and lose control. This technique is most effective with additional units to block the vehicle and prevent its escape.
  10. Viper

    Jail Booking Policy

    BLAINE COUNTYSHERIFFS DEPARTMENTCounty Jail Booking Policy Purpose: In order to maintain consistency and to ensure a fair justice system, the following has been implemented and signed off on by Sheriff Marcus. The following policy shall be followed by all Deputies. It may be modified at the discretion of supervisors (or admins) only. Three Classifications of Crimes: 1. Felony – 50 minute jail sentence per crime. 2. Misdemeanor – 30 minute jail sentence per crime. 3. Infraction – Cite and release the subject. The subject shall pay the officer with the fine amount. If the subject cannot pay the fine, then the subject may be jailed for no longer than 3 minutes even if the subject has multiple infractions. Reducing Prison Sentences: A deputy or a law enforcement officer of any rank or agency may reduce sentencing by half if the person being arrested agrees to become an informant or provides valuable and legitimate information that leads to an arrest. A supervisor or an admin may increase or decrease the sentencing times **Keep in mind that if the player is new, officers may be more lenient but ONLY IF the player role played the scenario very well. Members of our community stated the sentencing was way too lenient and voted for an increase in prison sentences**
  11. Viper

    Use of Force Policy

    BLAINE COUNTYSHERIFFS DEPARTMENTDepartment Vehicle Policy Purpose: In order to maintain the safety of all personnel and the general public, the following has been implemented and signed off on by Sheriff Rez. The following policy shall be followed by all Department personnel. Failure to comply may result in departmental discipline or criminal liability. DEPARTMENTAL USE OF FORCE 835a PC - "Any peace officer who has reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a public offense may use reasonable force to effect the arrest, to prevent escape or to overcome resistance. A peace officer who makes or attempts to make an arrest need not retreat or desist from his efforts by reason of the resistance or threatened resistance of the person being arrested; nor shall such officer be deemed an aggressor or lose his right to self-defense by the use of reasonable force to effect the arrest or to prevent escape or to overcome resistance." All Department personnel shall only use appropriate force when subduing or arresting a suspect. Nothing in this policy shall prevent an employee from using reasonable amount of force necessary, including but not limited to, the use of non-lethal tactics to deadly force if the situation permits such response. USE OF HAND-TO-HAND TECHNIQUES & TASER DEPLOYMENT: If a suspect is actively fighting another citizen or another unit, a Deputy may use non-lethal strikes to obtain compliance from the suspect. If any injury is occurred to deputies, the suspect, or other citizens, EMS shall be notified. The use of a taser is permitted in non-lethal confrontations. If a subject actively fights or becomes extremely hostile/agitated to the point that the general public and other units are placed in danger, taser deployment is authorized. DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM / DEADLY FORCE: Deputies may discharge a firearm or use lethal force in the performance of their official duty: In the defense of themselves or in the defense of another (civilians or other deputies) if they reasonably believe there is imminent danger of death. To effect an arrest or prevent the escape of a violent suspect whom the deputy believes will cause imminent death to another. Fleeing alone or physically resisting does not permit the use of deadly force. Nothing in this policy prevents a Deputy from unholstering their firearm and using it in their duties. (i.e. felony vehicle stops, armed suspects, hostile subjects, etc.) However, he Deputy should use common sense in this matter as unholstering a firearm may escalate a situation that could be solved without it. If in a physical altercation and the Deputy believes believes the situation permits the use of deadly force, a Deputy may use hand-to-hand combat, the use of a baton, or other objects to protect oneself to end the threat. Unless a Department vehicle is being used to PIT another vehicle, the use of a vehicle to stop a threat is considered deadly force. Units shall not use patrol vehicles to PIT motorcycles, bicycles, or subjects on foot unless the said persons meet the criteria for deadly force.
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    Hey You Beautiful People

    Welcome to K33N! Glad to have you here. Congrats on 1000 followers on Twitch!
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    Hello fellow gamers.

    We're thinking about making a Professional Fortnite Team! ESPORTS Ready soon (Hopefully). Some of us did Comp stuff in PUBG. Welcome to K33N btw. You can find me in Discord under mods as "Viper". I tend to only play duos or squads in Fortnite, so if you see me on hmu!