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Found 92 results

  1. Squad up as we try Battlefield V: Firestorm Battle Royale!
  2. 3.13.19 - Big update for K33N Rust! We have added three new feature plugins to our server! These include: Skyfall, Sliding Doors, and a Homes GUI! Skyfall: Players are IMMUNE to damage once they get into the Skyfall plane or respawn in the air with a parachute. Players can then jump out of plane and press there "RELOAD" key to open there chute. Players can decide to jump out of parachute and freefall, and can reopen there chute as long as they are not TOO close to the ground. Once player lands, there parachute will remove and they will receive normal damages again just before they land. Using the respawn Button for Skyfall will Parachute player from random location or behind Skyfall plane. Having a respawning player actually sit in the chair correctly didn't seem to work well with any inherent latency. So I opted for just respawn and parachute for now. Sliding Doors: Chat Commands: /sdoor - This is used to enable / disable the sliding door feature to individual doors. Players will need the "slidingdoors.use" permission to use this command and /sad <time> - (sliding auto door) This is used to change the autodoor time (seconds) Homes GUI: Chat Commands: /home - Opens the homes GUI /home {home} - Teleports you to the home /sethome {home} - Creates a new home at your position /delhome {home} - Deletes the home /listhomes - Lists all your homes Enjoy!! Quick Connect to K33N Rust Server K33N Rust Portal
  3. 3.10.19 Today we updated our server by adding PowersSmelt to replace Quicksmelt on our server. You will notice that meat no longer can be burnt. Enjoy!
  4. HoldenRiot

    Garry's Mod: Slashers Community Event

    Join us on our brand new Garry's Mod Server for an evening of fun and terror! Server Name: K33NGAMING.COM Official - Slashers Server Address: gmod.k33ngaming.com:27015 or 27015 View Servers page
  5. How To: Set your Discord Status Message “Playing K33NGaming.com” Show your K33N pride and display K33NGaming.com for all discord to see! 1. Click Settings Icon on Discord 2. Click Game Activity 3. Click “Add it” 4. From the Dropdown, select and add Google Chrome, or any application(s) you often always have open! 5. Add the Selected Application(s) and highlight and rename it to: K33NGaming.com 6. Make sure the “Display current running game as a status message.” is toggled on.
  6. HoldenRiot

    K33N Rust 10x now 4x

    2.16.19 - We have updated our K33N Official rust server that was previously a 10x server to now a 4x server. The reason for this is because, with plugins like ZLevelsRemastered, our 10x server was actually a 20-25x server. In order to properly reward our Rust server players, we have decided to make the server a 4x server while keeping ZLevelsRemasters so the server has the ability to become a 8x-10x for players who continue to play on the K33N Rust server. We hope everyone will understand why we made this change and have high hopes that it will further more increase our player base. Thanks! Join the K33N Rust Discord Server
  7. HoldenRiot

    Fixed StackSizeController

    2.16.19 - We have updated our StackSizeController from 100k to 500k in stacked inventory. The config is as follows: { "Settings": { "CategoryDefaultStack": { "Ammunition": 500000, "Attire": 0, "Common": 500000, "Component": 500000, "Construction": 500000, "Food": 500000, "Items": 500000, "Medical": 500000, "Misc": 500000, "Resources": 500000, "Tools": 0, "Traps": 0, "Weapon": 0 }, "DefaultStack": 0, "StackHealthItems": true } }
  8. 2.16.19 - We have added a new site feature: Reviews. Reviews can be viewed from the Navigation: Community > Review or from the site Forums under General Discussion. Anyone can post reviews of Games, Software, and or Products on K33N Reviews page! To make the display of our sites Activity feed even better we have also now added images to the site Activity Feed. Enjoy!
  9. 2.12.19 - It has come to our attention that many of our players have been kicked due to Packet Flooding: Player Tick. Although there is no great fix/solution for this issue, we have done the following in hopes to alleviate some of your client's issues. The following has now been done: -server.maxtickspersecond "2000" -- (Hopefully fix for players Packet Flooding: Player Tick related issue). - added the above command to run upon each server restart automatically. - Set scheduled Steam updates to occur on the first Thursday of every month but only when no players are online and after there is a Rust Steam update. - Set scheduled Oxide updates to occur on the first Thursday of every month after Steam updates run. - Set scheduled UMod plugin updates to run on the first Thursday of every month after Oxide updates run. - Set scheduled Restarts to occur every night at 3:00am EST or when the last player logs off. As always, please let us know if you continue to experience the Packet Flooding: Player Tick disconnect issues on our Rust Server on our Discord. http://discord.me/k33nrust
  10. 2.9.19 - You spoke, we listened! K33N Rust component rates have now been adjusted. You should now see a bit more of the following components: Rope, Metal Pipes, Metal Blades, Gears, Tech, Metal Springs, and Roadsigns. All of these were increased from Max 3, Min 1 to Max 10, Min 5. Enjoy! Old Rates: Min: 1 Max: 3 New Updated Rates: Min: 5 Max: 10 Computers and Camera have also been moved from Rare(3) to Uncommon(2) and will now drop at a max of 10, minimum 1. So Computers and Cameras should now appear more! Address: rust.k33ngaming.com:28315 or View K33N Rust portal
  11. 2.7.19 - Today was wipe day for K33N Rust server! This included a fresh new map, and the following changes took place: - ZLevels Data was wiped. - ZLevels Percent Lost On Death has been lowered from 50% to 30%.
  12. 2.4.19 - Today we added a new Site Feature called Who To Follow. This widget can be found on the sidebar across some of the website pages. For example, the Homepage , Activity page, and on the Community Hub. With this widget, you can follow other members and easier network and see activity from fellow members.
  13. 2.3.19 - Today we removed the K33N Rust Plugin: InfoPanel. It appears it was causing players a lot of lag and the console was not happy with it. We have therefore removed the Plugin and will be looking for a fix/alternative at some point. View the K33N Rust Portal Join the K33N Rust Discord Server
  14. HoldenRiot

    Discord Game Servers Cleanup

    2.3.19 - The text channel #k33n-game-servers-info on our K33N Gaming Community Discord has been redone and cleaned up. In this channel, gamers can find all the necessary information regarding K33N Gaming's Official Game Servers. Enjoy! Thank you for playing!
  15. 2.1.19 - Today there were multiple plugins fixed on the K33N Rust server. Users should now not have an issue with QuickSmelt, /tpr requests, /home, or being combat/raid blocked with an inability to craft. Please let us know on the new K33N Rust Discord under #suggestions if you experience any issues or have further server suggestions! Thanks for playing K33N Rust!
  16. 1.26.18 - Thanks to @Krenias we now have a K33N Gaming Official SCUM Server! Server Address: K33N Game Servers page K33N SCUM - Battlemetrics Enjoy!
  17. 1.23.19 - AutoDoors have been added to our K33N Rust 10x Server! To use AutoDoors/Chat Commands: /ad - disables doors automatically closing for player. /ad # - (a number between MIN and MAX) - Sets automatic door closing delay for player. The command aliases "autodoor" and "autodoors" are also available. Enjoy!! K33N Rust Portal
  18. 1.14.19 - Today our K33N Rust 10x Server IP Address changed from to Players should now experience little to no server lag now for the network speeds are 2x faster thanks to our generous host @Razor. Be sure to check out his website at https://www.ts3hosting.net/ . Visit K33N Rust Portal page Enjoy!
  19. HoldenRiot

    K33N Gaming Club On Brawl Stars!

    1.11.18 - K33N Gaming now has an Official Club on the mobile game: Brawl Stars. In game, Go to the social tab, then navigate to Clubs and search “K33N Gaming” to join! See you in game! Download Brawl Stars iPhone Android
  20. HoldenRiot

    K33N Gaming - Clash of Clans Clan!

    1.9.18 - Play Clash of Clans!? Join the Official K33N Gaming Clan ! In game, Click "Clans", and search "K33N Gaming" to join!! Get Clash of Clans: iPhone Android See you in game!
  21. HoldenRiot

    K33N Game Server Owner Role Added!

    1/6/19 - Discord Update Today a new Discord and Site group role was added. The K33N Game Server Owner role. This will be given to individuals who partner with and host K33N Official Game Servers. Do you own a Game Server you would like to have partnered with K33N Gaming and be on the Official K33N Gaming Servers page!? Message @HoldenRiot on the Website or Discord for details.
  22. HoldenRiot

    DayZ Game Server Added!

    12.26.18 - K33N Gaming now has a DayZ server thanks to @deathfire769. Deathfire is hosting the DayZ server. Any server related questions can be relayed to him. Server Address: View the K33N Gaming Game Servers Here.
  23. HoldenRiot

    12.7.18 - Rust 10x Update

    12.7.18 - Yesterday there was a rust Update which means new Map! Many plugins have been updated and we have also added a new plugin to our Rust 10x Server: Random Spawnpoints. You can check the Spawn Points in game with /showspawns Random Spawns will create up to 1250 new spawn points all over the map. If another player builds a base on top or with in a 10m radius of a spawn point it is removed from the list. Enjoy and Happy Gaming!
  24. K33N Members, It's Competition time!! We want YOU to create a K33N Snow Logo for us to use the next few months along with our added Snow to our Website header! Winner will be announced and your created logo could be used on all K33N Social Media!! Get yourself recognized by entering and emailing your entry to: admin@k33ngaming.com following the simple Rules/Guidelines below! Rules/Guidelines: Use the K33N Logo image and make it Christmas/Snowy like for the Winter Season! Example: Battlefield V's Discord: 1. Use this Image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ij7pb9mGTOegWTJn-BRrrwul7mnWjCEI 2. Email your entry to admin@k33ngaming.com with the Subject: K33N Winter Logo Entry - NameHere 3. Wait for K33N Staff to announce the participants and Winner! PRIZE: The winner will: 1.) Have their K33N logo featured on all social media with Shout outs 2.) Receive a copy of the game: Warhammer Endtimes: Vermintide !
  25. HoldenRiot

    9.2.18 - Backpacks Added!

    9.2.18 - By popular demand by our Rust players, we have added Backpacks to our K33N Rust Server! Enjoy! Use /backpack in Chat to use!