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Found 250 results

  1. We are currently in the process of setting up the Official K33N Gaming Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube Livestream accounts. All K33N Partnered Streamers will have the ability to stream to these accounts all at the same time using Restream.io. Once the staff has set everything up, a message will be sent to all K33N Partnered Streamers with the details. We are excited for this and are hoping all K33N Partnered Streamers will help build our Online presence by streaming to these accounts. Looking forward, Holden
  2. Old skin wouldnt update so i had to start fresh which means get out votes back. I added glow to the K33N text and logo on the shirt. Opinions on this skin? More to come if this is a thing we would like to see! Have to get votes for it to be in game though! (Front) https://image.prntscr.com/image/S7CvFEMFRiS63kxTmo739w.png (Back) https://image.prntscr.com/image/DoeEib0mSo_ajreTMmytRg.png Visit skin page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1324376283 Glow in the Dark
  3. HoldenRiot

    3.1.18 - 10x - Global Wipe

    The next Global Rust update is March 1st, 2018! Good news: Because of this wipe, On Tuesday, February 27th at 9 PM EST, Each and Every Player on the K33N Rust server will be given the following: (1) Assault rifle (1) Bolt action rifle (1) Holo sight (1) 4x sight (500) 5.56 ammo (1) Rocket launcher (5) Rockets (5) C4 (50,000) Stone (50,000) Wood (5,000) Metal Frags NOTE: Be sure to have a half empty inventory on Tuesday, at 9PM so you can receive these items listed above!!! This means that the server will also be forced to wipe. We plan on changing the Map up Thursday evening after the wipe as well. On Thursday, March 1st, 2018 expect a server Wipe and new Map! After that, we will not wipe for another month + per usual. For update notes, view the patch notes here.
  4. HoldenRiot

    2/18/18 - Videos

    We are happy to announce the launch of our newest site feature: Videos ! Any registered member can add videos using a URL! Enjoy!!
  5. The NTeleporation plugin daily limit has been increased from 15 Home Teleports to 25. Enjoy!
  6. Should we add the Bank Plugin to our Rust Server or no? This Gives players a safe box to bank their items (Up to 4 Slots). Chat Command: /bank - Player command to view their bank - Would you like to see this plugin installed on our server? Yes or no?!
  7. We are pleased to announce that we have integrated an easy way for K33N Rust players to auto/direct connect using the "Connect To Server" button!! This can be found on both K33N Rust Landing page and Game Servers page! Enjoy!
  8. HoldenRiot

    K33N Twitter Update - 2.11.18

    K33N Gaming has created a new Twitter account specifically for you! All Streamers can now use @K33NStreams to get their Tweets Retweeted! Follow our Twitter accounts! @K33NGaming -- For Site Updates, News, and Server Status, and Gaming News. @K33NStreams - For RT when users use @K33NStreams , #K33NGaming, or @K33NGaming
  9. HoldenRiot

    K33N Rust 2x Chat Commands

    K33N's Official Rust 2x Server Commands: Commands Soon To Come!! Rust Server Details Rust Server Rules Rust Server Plugins
  10. HoldenRiot

    New Site Page: Community

    A brand new Site page that has been worked on for some time now is finally here! Checkout the all new Community Hub page! It's purpose is exactly what you see! A one stop centralized location where you can view all that you need and access it with ease! Here is what the page currently has: - Quick Links -- Important links that can be navigated to without having to dig through Site Forums. - K33N Discord Facts -- Facts about our fantastic Discord community encouraging site goers to also join us on Discord. - K33N News -- Clickable Buttons allowing you to easily view Latest Announcements, Community Events (Calendar), K33N Official Games, All Forums, and of course Community Giveaways! - Latest Community Updates Feed -- A feed that automatically will display the latest three Community Updates including Site updates, AND Game Server Updates! - Get Partnered -- A section where users who may not know much about our Partnership offerings can find out more and easily Apply to be a K33N Partnered Streamer! - Featured Giveaway -- An automatic block that pulls the latest featured giveaway!
  11. HoldenRiot

    New Site Pages - Soon to Come!

    I am pleased to announce that on the back-end, K33N Staff have been working hard to give you the best experience possible. Some of the upcoming pages include: K33N Partnered Streamer page and Sidebar widget K33N Gaming Community Hub/Portal page About K33N Gaming page Official K33N Games K33N Giveaways Referrals Stay tuned! Happy gaming!
  12. Attention K33N Partnered Streamers: K33N Staff members check and view our K33N Partnered Streamers day in and day out. It appears that many of our K33N Partnered Streamers are reaping the benefits of the partnership (Auto promotion on both Discord, Website, and K33N official accounts) without reppin' the K33N Community. All K33N Partnered Streamers, please address the following if you have not done so already! If action is not taken within the next 5 business days, K33N Partnered Streamers who do not have the required (below) on their Stream profiles will be removed. As you all know, being a K33N Partnered Streamer requires these very few things to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer: 1. Add “K33N Logo - Option 1” , “Panel Option 2”, OR “Panel Option 3” (Found in the folder provided) to your Channel About/ Bio hyperlinked to our website: http://k33ngaming.com | Live Example Here. 2. Add “K33N Discord.png” (Found in the folder provided) image hyperlinked to our K33N Community Discord server: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T | Live Example. 3. Add k33ngaming as a Twitch Community in your Dashboard to stream to. 4. If you have Twitter: Add @k33ngaming somewhere in your Twitter Bio. 5. Add a stream bot that sends a message every 15-25mins sharing K33N Gaming’s website and Discord. Example: Check out K33N Gaming Community's website at http://www.k33ngaming.com ! The hub for all Streamers, Gamers, Viewers, and Game Enthusiasts! Join the K33N Gaming Community Discord @ https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T! View the Required things ToDo Document in order to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer. Download the Required K33N Partnered Panel Branding Media Kit
  13. HoldenRiot

    K33N Branding Media Kit

    A K33N Gaming Branding Media Kit has been created! Click the Download image link below to download the K33N Gaming swag! Note: By popular demand, K33N Partnered Streamers now have the option to use Panel Option 1, 2, OR 3 on your About Stream Panels! In this folder you will find: - New `K33N Panels`: Option or Option 2 which can replace your current required `K33N Logo` if you wish. - The `K33N Discord` Image has been made smaller to fit the other panels, and made into a button(curved edges). - The `K33N Logo` - The `K33N Twitch Community` panel - `K33N Emojiis` Enjoy! or Download Here
  14. HoldenRiot

    K33NGaming Twitch Account

    I am pleased to announce that K33N Gaming Twitch Account has band new Twitch panels! This included a functional hyperlink list of all our fantastic K33N Partnered Streamers! Go Check them out Here! Also, Join and checkout our Twitch Community!
  15. eK33N Gaming Community Discord - Role Assignment Discord Role Assignments have been added to the K33N Gaming Community Discord! You can view this channel and it's capabilities in the #role-assignment text channel located under the K33N Community category. In this channel, #role-assignment you can assign yourself to certain roles in this server by typing .iam before the game of your choice. If at any point you wish to be removed from a role, simply type .iamn gameNameHere. For example, you could type .iam PUBG to be in our PUBG role, and .iamn PUBG to be removed from that role. Note: Role assignment related messages will auto delete after entry to keep this channel clean and informative...To verify you have been assigned the role, simply click your name on the online list to view your roles. You can see a list of all assignable roles below. Feel free to ping @HoldenRiot if you have questions! Are you a Streamer!?, then do a .iam Streamer to be assigned the Streamer role! Specify your Gaming Platform: .iam PC .iam Xbox .iam PS4 Specify your Region: .iam NA -- North America .iam EU -- Europe .iam AU -- Australia .iam SA -- South America .iam AS -- Asia Assignable Game Roles: .iam gameNameHere to assign. Battlefield CS:GO DCS Fortnite GTA League of Legends PUBG Rocket League Rust Siege ect.. Note: more may be added at a later time! For latest assignable roles list, view our #role-assignment Discord Channel !
  16. Here it is! The Official K33N Gaming Twitch Sub Emojii and All three sizes: 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112 ! Download the Official K33N Gaming Emoji Pack HERE!
  17. K33N Gaming Community has it's own Twitter Account! You can follow the K33N Gaming Community Twitter Account Here! Below are step-by-step instructions on how you can add and rep @k33ngaming on your Twitter account! How to add @k33ngaming to your Twitter Bio: Step 1: Sign In to your Twitter Account. Step 2: Navigate to your Twitter Profile page. Step 3: Click Edit Profile to your Twitter Account. Step 4: Add @k33ngaming somewhere in your Bio. Step 5: Save your changes.
  18. Betrix

    Hey Guys!

    Hello everyone, my name is Ryan but my in-game name is Betrix so you can call me whatever. I am a mod in the K33N Discord server so if you have any issues and/or questions i can always help. I like all sorts of games but the games I play currently are: PUBG/ Rust/ CS:GO/ COD:WW2/ COD:MW2/ Rainbow 6 Siege/ Scrap Mechanic/ Poly Bridge, just to name a few.
  19. New How-To Guides with step-by-step video guides on adding K33N Official Graphics to your live-streaming channels (Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube) added to K33N's How-To-Guide page! The Following was recently added to the How-To-Guide: Streaming How to add K33N Graphics to your Twitch Channel How to add K33N Graphics to your Mixer Channel How to add K33N Links to your Youtube Channel and Youtube Livestreams Hope this helps individuals going forward! These can be found by navigating to the K33N Site Forums under Streaming > "Stream Help" or by Visiting the "How-To-Guide & FAQ" link under the Help & Support section of the Site Forums. Step-by-step image instructions soon to come for those of you who prefer text/image guides > video guides
  20. FYI, the #K33NGaming is having troubles getting triggered to Retweet to our Twitter account. It will be looked at and fixed in a timely fashioned but for now, everyone who was using #K33NGaming in their Tweets, please change it to @K33NGaming because that one still seems to be working as of now. Until this is fixed, individuals who use the K33N Twitter retweet feature please use @K33NGaming instead of #K33NGaming. Replies to this topic will be posted in regard to a fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  21. Show your K33N Gaming Community pride and spirit by rockin' the 'K33N Website URL' and 'K33N Discord Invite Link' on your Youtube Channel's Livestream Description and Youtube Channel's About Bio! -K33N Website URL: http://k33ngaming.com K33N Discord URL: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T A How-To Step-by-Step Video on how to Add K33N Links to your YouTube Channel and YouTube Livestreams: Or if you prefer Picture/Text Instructions: Step 1: Sign In to your YouTube Account Step 2: Click on your Account Icon in the Top Right corner and click Creator Studio Step 3: On the Lefthand Side, Click Live Streaming Step 4: Under Basic Info on your Live Streaming options, Enter the K33N Gaming Community Website (http://k33ngaming.com ) and K33N Gaming Community Discord Link (https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T) in the Description Box. Step 5: Click on your Account Icon in the Top Right corner and click My Channel Step 6: Click Customize Channel. Step 7: Click About. Step 8: Click the Edit Pencil Icon under Links. Step 9: Enter in the Website and Discord Fields: - Website with the link url: http://k33ngaming.com - K33N Discord with the link url: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T Step 10: Click Done.
  22. HoldenRiot

    Discord Cleanup 10.7.17

    K33N Gaming Communities Discord was recently updated. The following changes have been made: Combined previous #K33N-Site-Updates and #K33N-Site-News and #calendar-events to the new: #k33n-news-n-updates text channel Added #request-streamer-role text channel for all newcomers to request the Streamer Role for both Discord and Website. Cleaned up #welcome text channel to remove link previews and added Bold/Underlines to make it more visually appealing and more inviting. Added Stat Tracker Bot to be able to check User Rankings/Game Stats. View the HowTo for commands here. Discord Categories added. Current Categories include: K33N Staff, K33N Community, General, Streaming, and Voice Rooms. Created Universal Public Invite Link: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T
  23. This evening (10/2/17), @LittlePickle and I are working on putting together the Official K33N Partnered Streaming Kit. Once finished, I will be sending out the Download to each official K33N partnered streamer with a downloadable .ZIP containing all of the following: A ReadMe file containing instructions on what to do/use for new K33N partnered streamers. K33N Logo that is placed on Stream Channel About/Bio hyperlinked to our website: http://k33ngaming.com K33N Discord image that is placed on Stream Channel About/Bio hyperlinked to our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T Custom Logo Animations done by @LittlePickle to add on to your Stream Overlay Official K33N Partnered Streamer Badge that is to be placed somewhere on Stream Overlay (Not on Channel About/Bio) to avoid impostors.
  24. HoldenRiot

    K33N Gaming Wristbands!

    SOON TO COME! K33N Gaming Community Wristbands ! As some of you may know, we are in the process of building a Merch Shop for K33N Gaming Community. To start, we are going to be having K33N Silicone Wristbands! I wanted to create this forum post and poll to get an idea of who all would be interested in getting a K33N Gaming Wristband. We are not looking to make big profits off these wristbands so the bands would cost only about $2-3 per band. (Shipping probably included!) 100% of the purchase would be used for maintenance costs, and server costs. (This includes both website and current + future K33N Official Game Servers). Attached are some options of possible wristbands! Option A Option B Option C Option D Option E Option F Option G
  25. HoldenRiot

    NEW SITE LAUNCH 9.15.17

    Today is the Official Launch date of the new K33N Gaming Community website! The project: "K33N Revive 2.0" got the name from what K33N used to be back in 2007. Background of K33N: Back in 2007, K33N was known as K33N Clan. 'K33N Clan' was a Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 exclusive competitive gaming clan until numbers grew. Once K33N grew in size and had a bigger variety of gamers, K33N Clan branched out to PC and hosted Minecraft and Teamspeak 2 servers. As time went on, K33N Clan slowly lost it's members due to majority of the group being younger and life priorities happening. Fast Forward to now (Late 2016): A few "founders" (Original K33N Clan 07' members) Scj312, and myself got thinking what if we revived and brought back the k33n clan with a new name! After holding a 3 day poll on social media, the winning votes picked out as you can tell by now, K33N Gaming Community as the new branded name. Our first site was a simple wordpress site that lacked content. With our Revive project and revamp of the webste we wanted brand new, modern and slick, simple and clean, and of course K33N colors. After about 2 months of planning, designing and drawing wireframes, we built the brand new site that you now see here today! K33N Gaming's New Website - Release Notes Some of the key things/features we implemented that are brand new here at K33N include: A brand new Logo with added FavIcon which is also Mobile Icon friendly Brand new custom design/layout (by HoldenRiot), and functionality/implementation (by Scj312) using Invision Power Board. New Site Pages: Registration (Registrations page with the Ability to sign in via Google, Steam, Twitter, and or Facebook and Linkable Streams!) Home (Holds Featured Streamers, and K33N News & Announcements Posts) Member Activity (A Twitter like feed for K33N members) Streams Page (Registered members who link their Primary stream via registration or in their `edit profile` can automatically display their streams on the site every time they go live for additional exposure.) Forums Servers (K33N Official Game Servers Status page) Sponsors (Companies that sponsor K33N Gaming Community with Discount codes) Applications page (Found on Forums) Rules/Guidelines/Code of Conduct (K33N Gaming Community's official rules/guidelines/and Code of Conduct) Custom registration banner. (When logged out user sees a welcome banner with K33N Logo and mission statement) Forum Groups matching Discord roles Functional Discord sidebar widget on website Updated Social Media Footer icons found on bottom of site pages Member Steam Profile integration (Example) Member profile additions in `Edit Profile` after registration/log in. Editable Avatar/Profile banner and social media icons, game streams ect) Custom Verification Email Custom Welcome to K33N Gaming Community email after email validation with important links and information K33N Gaming Community's Discord Changes: Added #welcome text channel to Discord and made it the new landing page for new members Created a #k33n-partnered-streamers text channel in Discord for K33N Partnered Streamers which utilizes a new webhook 'K33NBot'. (Apply here) Added 'K33NBot' Automatically posts to #k33n-partnered-streamers whenever a K33N partnered streamer goes live automatically Automatically posts to #k33n-news-updates whenever a post is made here by a Mod/Admin/Founder. Automatically Posts to #introductions text channel whenever a members posts a new topic Introduction on the forums (Post one here!) Backlog Coming Soon/Future Updates to look forward to: Customized Welcome PM Message to user inbox upon registration Mixer/Youtube Gaming Primary Stream Service api integration Viewable embed video players on featured streams on homepage and streams page. Member Profile Live Stream thumbnails. (Same as seen on Streams page but also on individuals profiles). Individual Member Stream pages. (Member specific Stream pages where clicking someones live thumbnail opens their livestream embedded into the K33N Gaming site no matter what platform they are streaming from instead of having to go outside of the K33N Site!). Follow Member buttons on future individual streamer pages. (Allows Members to get Activity updates from their favorite K33N Streamers!) Arcade with games and leaderboard stats K33N Shop (Merch, Featured Streamer Spotlight, In game K33N Server perks/redeemables) Point system in addition to Forum Rep. Referral Program (Point based system based on number of members joined via a generated member specific link which would work with point system/redeemable points in shop). Staff/Role Applications Addition discord bot (Ability to clarify what Console you play and your region via discord for additional member information.) A 'K33N Bible' (Document holding how-to's Sitemap navigations and descriptions, and all information regarding K33N.)