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Found 31 results

  1. I am happy to announce that we have added a new Discord Role: ON AIR / LIVE NOW This role will AUTOMATICALLY be assigned temporarily to anyone using Discord's built in Streamer Mode Overlay. When an individual goes Live and is Live streaming, and has Discord's Streamer Mode Enabled, the user will be temporarily assigned the ON AIR / LIVE NOW role and in the Spotlight! By having this, Streamers get more attention and is easier to see who in fact is live streaming. Enjoy!
  2. HoldenRiot

    New Site Page: Community

    A brand new Site page that has been worked on for some time now is finally here! Checkout the all new Community Hub page! It's purpose is exactly what you see! A one stop centralized location where you can view all that you need and access it with ease! Here is what the page currently has: - Quick Links -- Important links that can be navigated to without having to dig through Site Forums. - K33N Discord Facts -- Facts about our fantastic Discord community encouraging site goers to also join us on Discord. - K33N News -- Clickable Buttons allowing you to easily view Latest Announcements, Community Events (Calendar), K33N Official Games, All Forums, and of course Community Giveaways! - Latest Community Updates Feed -- A feed that automatically will display the latest three Community Updates including Site updates, AND Game Server Updates! - Get Partnered -- A section where users who may not know much about our Partnership offerings can find out more and easily Apply to be a K33N Partnered Streamer! - Featured Giveaway -- An automatic block that pulls the latest featured giveaway!
  3. Due to high demand and many streamers and members sharing their Gameplay Clips in the #general chat and #videos-and-media , This new Channel #stream-clip-highlights was created. This is for Stream Clips Only. Clipped footage/highlights and not full videos. Full videos belong in #videos-and-media . This channel is NOT for advertising. Keep that to #stream-promos Enjoy!
  4. New How-To Guides with step-by-step video guides on adding K33N Official Graphics to your live-streaming channels (Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube) added to K33N's How-To-Guide page! The Following was recently added to the How-To-Guide: Streaming How to add K33N Graphics to your Twitch Channel How to add K33N Graphics to your Mixer Channel How to add K33N Links to your Youtube Channel and Youtube Livestreams Hope this helps individuals going forward! These can be found by navigating to the K33N Site Forums under Streaming > "Stream Help" or by Visiting the "How-To-Guide & FAQ" link under the Help & Support section of the Site Forums. Step-by-step image instructions soon to come for those of you who prefer text/image guides > video guides
  5. HoldenRiot

    Site Update: 9.25.17

    Hey Everyone! A lot has been going on behind the scenes in the recent development of the site! Checkout these newly added... Site Features: Added Community Calendar ARK: Survival Evolved Server added to Game Servers page Added Site Donation on site sidebar to help fund Site/Server costs Updated K33N Discord's K33NBot to populate new text channel(s): #k33n-server-updates , and #giveaways Updated Discord's K33NBot avatar to latest K33N Logo. Created K33N Applications Updated all Discord Invite links to utilize the public Invite: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T Added Auto Welcome PM from Staff upon Site Registration Added #welcome text channel as new landing page for all new Discord users Added Text reminding users to check their Junk/Spam Inbox folders to better locate Account Verification email When logged out, Added Registration Banner on Homepage promoting registration Added K33N Logo as Sites FavIcon Added Rules/Guidelines page Added Social Media Profile icons to replace url links to be more visually appealing Integrated Steam Profile's to K33N Member's Profile. (See Example)
  6. HoldenRiot

    NEW SITE LAUNCH 9.15.17

    Today is the Official Launch date of the new K33N Gaming Community website! The project: "K33N Revive 2.0" got the name from what K33N used to be back in 2007. Background of K33N: Back in 2007, K33N was known as K33N Clan. 'K33N Clan' was a Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 exclusive competitive gaming clan until numbers grew. Once K33N grew in size and had a bigger variety of gamers, K33N Clan branched out to PC and hosted Minecraft and Teamspeak 2 servers. As time went on, K33N Clan slowly lost it's members due to majority of the group being younger and life priorities happening. Fast Forward to now (Late 2016): A few "founders" (Original K33N Clan 07' members) Scj312, and myself got thinking what if we revived and brought back the k33n clan with a new name! After holding a 3 day poll on social media, the winning votes picked out as you can tell by now, K33N Gaming Community as the new branded name. Our first site was a simple wordpress site that lacked content. With our Revive project and revamp of the webste we wanted brand new, modern and slick, simple and clean, and of course K33N colors. After about 2 months of planning, designing and drawing wireframes, we built the brand new site that you now see here today! K33N Gaming's New Website - Release Notes Some of the key things/features we implemented that are brand new here at K33N include: A brand new Logo with added FavIcon which is also Mobile Icon friendly Brand new custom design/layout (by HoldenRiot), and functionality/implementation (by Scj312) using Invision Power Board. New Site Pages: Registration (Registrations page with the Ability to sign in via Google, Steam, Twitter, and or Facebook and Linkable Streams!) Home (Holds Featured Streamers, and K33N News & Announcements Posts) Member Activity (A Twitter like feed for K33N members) Streams Page (Registered members who link their Primary stream via registration or in their `edit profile` can automatically display their streams on the site every time they go live for additional exposure.) Forums Servers (K33N Official Game Servers Status page) Sponsors (Companies that sponsor K33N Gaming Community with Discount codes) Applications page (Found on Forums) Rules/Guidelines/Code of Conduct (K33N Gaming Community's official rules/guidelines/and Code of Conduct) Custom registration banner. (When logged out user sees a welcome banner with K33N Logo and mission statement) Forum Groups matching Discord roles Functional Discord sidebar widget on website Updated Social Media Footer icons found on bottom of site pages Member Steam Profile integration (Example) Member profile additions in `Edit Profile` after registration/log in. Editable Avatar/Profile banner and social media icons, game streams ect) Custom Verification Email Custom Welcome to K33N Gaming Community email after email validation with important links and information K33N Gaming Community's Discord Changes: Added #welcome text channel to Discord and made it the new landing page for new members Created a #k33n-partnered-streamers text channel in Discord for K33N Partnered Streamers which utilizes a new webhook 'K33NBot'. (Apply here) Added 'K33NBot' Automatically posts to #k33n-partnered-streamers whenever a K33N partnered streamer goes live automatically Automatically posts to #k33n-news-updates whenever a post is made here by a Mod/Admin/Founder. Automatically Posts to #introductions text channel whenever a members posts a new topic Introduction on the forums (Post one here!) Backlog Coming Soon/Future Updates to look forward to: Customized Welcome PM Message to user inbox upon registration Mixer/Youtube Gaming Primary Stream Service api integration Viewable embed video players on featured streams on homepage and streams page. Member Profile Live Stream thumbnails. (Same as seen on Streams page but also on individuals profiles). Individual Member Stream pages. (Member specific Stream pages where clicking someones live thumbnail opens their livestream embedded into the K33N Gaming site no matter what platform they are streaming from instead of having to go outside of the K33N Site!). Follow Member buttons on future individual streamer pages. (Allows Members to get Activity updates from their favorite K33N Streamers!) Arcade with games and leaderboard stats K33N Shop (Merch, Featured Streamer Spotlight, In game K33N Server perks/redeemables) Point system in addition to Forum Rep. Referral Program (Point based system based on number of members joined via a generated member specific link which would work with point system/redeemable points in shop). Staff/Role Applications Addition discord bot (Ability to clarify what Console you play and your region via discord for additional member information.) A 'K33N Bible' (Document holding how-to's Sitemap navigations and descriptions, and all information regarding K33N.)