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Found 8 results

  1. Google has offered refunds to anyone who has already bought a game just added to the £8.99-a-month Stadia Pro subscription. A Stadia Pro subscription gives you a discount on some Stadia games. Overnight, Google announced two new games available for Stadia Pro subscribers for the month of December: Farming Simulator 19 and Tomb: Raider Definitive Edition. Both games go live at 5pm UK time on 1st December, and bring the total number of Stadia Pro titles to four (Destiny 2: The Collection and Samurai Shodown are already on there). The problem is, Farming Simulator 19 (£29.99) and Tomb: Raider: Definitive Edition (on sale at £8) were Stadia launch titles (yes, you have to buy Stadia games on top of the cost of the Stadia Pro subscription). Some Stadia owners, who are by default currently Stadia Pro subscribers because of the three months thrown in with the Founder's Edition, bought these games - and just two weeks later Google is making them available to all Stadia owners for free. Perhaps mindful of a potential backlash, Google is offering refunds. "We know that some users have recently purchased these two games for their collection," wrote google community manager Grace. "Because of the proximity between the launch of the platform, and the announcement of these titles in Stadia Pro, we're happy to assist you if you'd like to request a refund if you have purchased either or both of these titles, even if it's outside of our normal policy." While it's good to see Google offer its customers a refund on this, it feels like it should be an automatic thing, rather than something people need to manually request. If you do want a refund, head over to Google's Support website. Stadia Pro is in desperate need of games before its three months free period expires, so expect Google to add a chunk of games to it over the coming months. Of course, other platforms run into this same issue: Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers often lament the addition of free games to their subscriptions if they've recently bought the incoming titles - but both those platforms at least give a month's notice. I do not expect Google will offer a refund of this kind again but I do expect it to announce Stadia Pro games at least one month in advance from now on.
  2. HoldenRiot

    About Slashers / How to Play

    Welcome to Slashers , the ultimate horror movie gamemode by Utopia-Games. Slashers is an asymetrical gamemode based on many famous horror movies (especially slasher movies) that opposes a team of very cliché survivors against a powerful and scary killer. As a survivor you have to find jerrycans to fill the generator then turn on the radio to call the police and finally escape. As the killer, you have to kill all the survivors before they can escape. The spawn of every ressource is random at each game. To play on K33NGAMING.COM Official - Slashers server, you must Subscribe to Slashers Gamemode on the Steam Community. Each character is different and has a special ability that will help him survive or kill the others : Survivors: Trent (the jock) : has a very good stamina, can run away easily from the killer. Lynda (the popular girl) : is notified of the police arrival and its position. Sydney (the final girl) : is immuned to the killers main ability. Audrey (the emo) : is immuned to fear and her heartbeat can't be heard by the killer. Marty (the junky) : has a better vision that helps him seeing in the dark. Noah (the nerd) : has a detector that spot every living things nearby. Rolland (the black that dies first) : has keys that allow him to lock and unlock doors. Franklin (the fat guy) : is the strongest and has more health. Gale (the skeptical cop) : has a revolver that can stun the killer. Killers: Ghostface (Scream) : can see when a door is opened or closed nearby. Jason (Friday the 13th) : can see the recent footprints left by the survivors. Michael Myers (Halloween) : is slower but can spot a survivor until he's dead. the Proxy (Slender) : can appear and disapper when not visible by a survivor. the Intruder (You're Next) : can place many traps to track down and kill survivors. Norman Bates (Psycho) : can use the corpse of his dead mother to locate survivors. There are actually five maps working with the gamemode, each one has its own killer associated : slash_highschool (Ghostface map ) : takes place in an american highschool at night, has 4 exits. slash_summercamp (Jason map ) : takes place in a summer camp in the middle of the woods at night, has 2 exits. slash_selvage (Michael Myers map ) : takes place in small suburbs at Halloween night, has 2 exits. slash_subway (Proxy map ) : takes place in an abandoned train station at night, has 3 exits. slash_lodge (Intruder map ) : takes place in a mountain lodge at a snowy night, has 2 exits. slash_motel (Norman Bates map) : takes place in a motel near a coutryside road at night, has 2 exits. Source View Server Details View K33N Game Servers
  3. Is this the best bundle yet!? This is a fantastic purchase for just $10! https://www.humblebundle.com/games/wargamez-bundle?partner=k33n&charity=2156 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (When you pay $10). Normally $25 on steam! Gloria Victis (When you pay at least $5). Normally $20 on steam! Grab it while you can!! Only 3 days left!!
  4. May the 4th Be With You! Save big on Humble Bundle's Star Wars sale today! Checkout the sale items Here!
  5. HoldenRiot

    Humble Strategy Bundle

    Humble Bundle has a Strategy Bundle out now! Pay what you want and grab it today! Get the Bundle Here!
  6. Origin is currently having a 50-75% off sale!! Grab all the games while you still can! Enjoy!
  7. Humble Bundle is now having their winter sale! Check it out and pickup some games at a cheaper price today! The sale goes from today, 1/12/18 till 1/25/18 at 10AM Pacific Time!
  8. Humble Bundle is back with a new bundle! Hope for Orphans Bundle!