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Found 8 results

  1. craniodad

    Who the heck is Cranio Dad?

    Hey everyone! Been here for a minute, but wanted to get something out there for you all. My handle is Cranio Dad, pretty much every where. I am a father to four amazing kids, all 7 and under at the time of this post (1 girl and 3 boys). My oldest, and only daughter, was born with a condition called Craniosynostosis. I know, long and confusing word. Imagine hearing it for the first time as your first born is rushed to the NICU.... yeah... awesome, right? Making it simple, Cranio means skull, and synostosis means fusion of bone. This condition has presented some various challenges, including speech. I decided that since she was going to have issues speaking, that I would be her voice. I have worked to become a voice of what it means to have a child with Cranio, through a fathers eyes. My boys, they are awesome. Active, brilliant, funny, and amazing. I am also a part time streamer. Mostly I stream Sea of Thieves. About once a week I stream Dungeons and Dragons. Now, I am folding K33N RP into the mix, and it is in there heavy. I steam over on twitch about five nights a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. My primary account for GTA V RP is Zeke Sheppard. Zeke is a complicated, slightly sadistic, but loyal citizen. I cannot wait to watch this city grow. I have already met some amazing people, and I am having a blast. Feel free to check me out over at twitch.tv/craniodad. If you want to know even more about me, or what is going on with my daughter, I also blog. See you in the city!
  2. DuffGaming

    A Little About Me

    Hello! I'm Duff and my real name is Dale. I am super pumped to be partnered by this community! I've seen all the good things this community has done and I am very pleased to now be a part of it. So, a little bit about me. I love video games and want to share my experiences with everyone. I also love to help people. I want to bring a smile to people's faces. I love helping those who are less fortunate and have traveled far to volunteer at homeless shelters and things of that matter. I haven't done any charity work yet, but would love to be a part of that someday. I'm 17 years old and I live on the East Cost of the US. I plan to go to college for cyber security after I'm out of high school. I also love music and graphic design. Being a part of this community means a lot to me. I've never had an opportunity to do something like this before and I'm very happy to be a part of it. I primarily stream on Twitch. I do have a YouTube channel that I will occasionally upload to. I'm relatively new to streaming but I enjoy it a lot. I stream 6 to 7 days a week. If you want to check me out, ask me anything, or possibly stream together, my Twitch link is https://twitch.tv/duff_gaming I hope to get to meet and talk to as many of you as I can. Thanks for reading, and have a good day! -Duff
  3. Eazy Mac

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone. My name is Eazy Mac and I am here to have a good time and interact with everyone! I hope to see a lot of you guys and girls on the roleplay servers.I am also hoping that we will get to work some jobs together and have awesome interactions throughout! Thanks in advance everyone!
  4. SimsFreakGaming

    I. Frost introduction

    Hey everyone, what's up? My name is Ileah, I'm new to LS, and hope to meet new people and make some money! Feel free to hit me up, I don't bite 😘
  5. Niaeron

    +1 Derp

    Hi everyone. My name is Terra (some call me Luna), but I go by Niaeron (Niaeronn on Twitch & Niaeron on Youtube since i messed up lol) as far as streaming and videos go. I'm just a small streamer who makes random compilation videos anymore, but I'm working on doing more to get more into streaming. One day I want to get a new computer or laptop that can handle games and all that to actually get back to doing let's plays, but as of right now, I'm unable to do so due to primarily using a Mac and my Toshiba is too old to handle it. I'm really new to this community and was referred here by a friend who's already in K33n Gaming, so hopefully I'll get the hang of things soon.
  6. AbyssmalSkill

    Hello Guys, This Is Me (I Guess)

    Hi guys! This is me, AbyssmalSkill, also known as Addiskass on the K33N discord server. I love me my overwatch, and even though I haven't been playing for long, I'm still a pretty experienced player. Don't write me down immediately. I'm just starting to upload some of my overwatch highlights onto my Youtube channel, so it would be cool to see some support there. I also like playing a variety of games on my PS4, including Fortnite, Destiny 2, and some indie titles. I've been in the K33N discord server for about 3-4 months now, but I'm only just now getting around to making a k33ngaming.com account. This community really is a blast, and I can't wait to see how it grows! - AbyssmalSkill (Addiskass)
  7. Backtul

    Nice to meet you all!

    Nice to meet everyone! I'm Backtul, or Emily, and I'm pretty new here! I stream any kind of game you put in front of me. I like to take suggestions and get to know you guys in the process. Come join me and have a good time!
  8. KingBorja

    My Introduction

    Hi, my names Borja. I've been frequently streaming over on twitch now for a week since the release of COD WII. I used to Stream & upload to YouTube before i quit due to the most recent CODs with jet packs (i aint a fan) With me being inactive on Twitch for so long I lost my audience and currently finding it hard to grow one back. I am 19 years old and work a full time job so I stream in my free time. Im glad to be joining this community as i see it as a great opportunity to meet new friends and other streamers. I am also a big fan of the set up of K33N and hope to see myself represent and help out as much as i can in the future. Thanks - Borja