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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Everyone! November 2th, 2019 is National Game Day! So lets game on! K33N is seeking Streamers who would be interested in partaking in a 24hr Charity Event to help raise money for Children's Hospitals! You can read more HERE about the event! We are seeking live streamers and content creators who are interested in joining our team to help raise money for Children's Hospitals. Each individual who partakes will be hosted by K33N Gaming official streaming platform accounts. Not sure your November 2nd schedule!? No problem! Even if you can only stream for less than 30 minutes that day every bit counts and helps! Not a Live streamer or content creator!? No problem! You can still join our team and make a facebook fundraiser to help! Have you always wanted to start streaming? Well here's a step by step guide! Please reply below, and or message HoldenRiot on the K33N Gaming Community Discord if interested in being apart of this years team! Note: This event is NOT limited to K33N Partnered Streamers. Any and all streamers and content creators can partake!  When: November 1st, 2019 - November 2nd, 2019. Who can join the team and participate: EVERYONE & ANYONE! Where do I stream and what game? Completely up to you! Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, Facebook live, anything! Any game goes! My preferred time slot is taken already, can I still stream at the same time as someone else? YES! The more the marrier! Some stream the full 24hrs! I don't stream, can I still participate? YES! If you are a streamer and wish to Participate in this Charity Stream event, Please Join the Team HERE AND Reserve your Stream Time Slot HERE! All Signed up!? Awesome! Below is what you have to do next: 1. Be sure to Add The Extra Life Image to your Stream Channel/About channel bio and HyperLink it to: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.team&teamID=49488 2. Add Extra Life Alerts to your stream! (How to's below!) - Streamlabs / Streamlabs OBS Alerts - Stream Elements Alerts - Extra Life Twitch Extension 3. Add Extra Life overlays, donation tools, or video assets to your stream with the provided Extra Life Broadcasting Toolkit (OPTIONAL but recommended!) View Extra Life Streaming 101 for more information if you have any outstanding questions or please reach out to @HoldenRiot K33N Gaming has Official Twitch and Mixer accounts! Both of these will be used to host our stream team for this event! You will be using Your Own Twitch Account To Stream! Follow the K33NGaming Twitch account and you will be hosted there as-well! That way streamers can still stream on their personal Streaming accounts Follow Both our Community Streaming Accounts! https://twitch.tv/k33ngaming https://mixer.com/k33ngaming
  2. I have just made a brand new plugin for Mixer Streamers! For Mixer Streamers who like WordPress, and love the ease of use of it, i have created a plugin that connects the Mixer API to your stream, and your website! What is it? I call it: Streaming Companion For Mixer What Does it Do? My plugin makes a communication between the Mixer API and your Mixer stream in order to show the following on your website: Online Status Game Name Viewer Count Live Video Feed (An ENTIRE portable version of mixer.com with the capability of logging in, AND chatting with the Streamer! :D) VODS! Compatibility THE ENTIRE THEME works for Broadcast LITE and Broadcast PRO. Modification: Due to the modification that i've done, even the theme that i've spoken about above, needs SOME modification. Before using this plugin. There is a little coding for you to do (Only in the Broadcast LITE & Broadcast PRO themes!) Inside title.php (includes/header/title.php), You will need to change two lines of code Lines 1 – 4, Delete the code, and put this code in, inside: <? php $mixSettings = get_option(‘mix-companion-settings’); $username = $mixSettings[‘field_1_1’]; ?> Screenshots WHERE TO GET IT! Broadcast Lite & Broadcast PRO Themes are available over at: https://www.streamweasels.com/product-category/themes/ Streaming Companion For Mixer is available over at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/streaming-companion-for-mixer/
  3. If you are a Live Streamer, We strongly encourage you to check and make sure you have properly linked your Livestream to your K33N Gaming Profile. If you are asking yourself: Why is my livestream not being displayed on the K33N Gaming Streams page when I am live? How do make my livestream show on K33N Gaming's Streams page when I stream? I have changed my stream username and it no longer is displaying on K33N Gaming's Streams page Then have no fear! Follow the steps below to solve those issues! 1.) Make sure you are logged in and On the Top-Right corner of the website, click your Username. 2.) Click "Profile" 3.) Click "Edit Profile" which should appear over your Profile Cover Photo. 4.) Edit your profile. Select your primary stream platform, and enter your Username (Not URL!) 5.) Add other Streams. (If any). Add your Twitch/Mixer Usernames (Not URL), and or your YouTube URL in the Other Streams section. This is so the social media icons are clickable links in your profile! (Important for your exposure!) 6.) Click Save. View How to Edit your K33N Gaming Profile View Other K33N How-To Guides
  4. In addition to the existing Twitch integration, you can now show off your Mixer stream on the Streams page of the website! Simply edit your profile, change your Primary Stream Platform to Mixer, enter your Mixer username, and you will be shown on the website within 5 minutes of going live. Featured Streamers also have the ability to use a Mixer account instead of Twitch. Enjoy!
  5. HoldenRiot

    PUBG Stream Panels - $3.99

    For all you PUBG Fans out there! Came across these Stream panel graphics! Enjoy!! Get them Here!
  6. Show your K33N Gaming Community pride and spirit by rockin' the 'K33N Logo' and 'Join K33N Discord' images on your Twitch Channel! K33N Logo: ( https://imgur.com/Lurixct ) OR OR Hyperlinked To URL: http://k33ngaming.com Join K33N Discord Image: (https://imgur.com/CXvYsmJ) Hyperlink To URL: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T A How-To Step-by-Step Video on how to add K33N Graphics to your Mixer Channel: Or if you prefer Picture/Text Instructions: Step 1: Login Step 2: Click on Your Profile in the Top Right Corner. Step 3: Click on Manage Channel Step 4: Click Customize Step 5: Click Edit Step 6: Under Channel Description, Click the Insert Image button. Step 7: Under Image Info, enter the K33N Logo Image Url (https://imgur.com/Lurixct ) in the URL field. Step 8: Click Link, and enter the K33N Website URL ( http://k33ngaming.com ) into the URL text field. Step 9: Click Okay. Step 10: Click Insert Image again to add the Join K33N Discord Image. Step 10: Under Image Info, enter the Join K33N Discord Image URL (https://imgur.com/CXvYsmJ) into the URL field. Step 11: Click Link to add the Hyperlink, enter the K33N Discord Invite URL (https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T) into the URL field. Step 12: Click Okay. Step 13: Verify and click Save.