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Found 2 results

  1. Attention K33N Partnered Streamers: K33N Staff members check and view our K33N Partnered Streamers day in and day out. It appears that many of our K33N Partnered Streamers are reaping the benefits of the partnership (Auto promotion on both Discord, Website, and K33N official accounts) without reppin' the K33N Community. All K33N Partnered Streamers, please address the following if you have not done so already! If action is not taken within the next 5 business days, K33N Partnered Streamers who do not have the required (below) on their Stream profiles will be removed. As you all know, being a K33N Partnered Streamer requires these very few things to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer: 1. Add “K33N Logo - Option 1” , “Panel Option 2”, OR “Panel Option 3” (Found in the folder provided) to your Channel About/ Bio hyperlinked to our website: http://k33ngaming.com | Live Example Here. 2. Add “K33N Discord.png” (Found in the folder provided) image hyperlinked to our K33N Community Discord server: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T | Live Example. 3. Add k33ngaming as a Twitch Community in your Dashboard to stream to. 4. If you have Twitter: Add @k33ngaming somewhere in your Twitter Bio. 5. Add a stream bot that sends a message every 15-25mins sharing K33N Gaming’s website and Discord. Example: Check out K33N Gaming Community's website at http://www.k33ngaming.com ! The hub for all Streamers, Gamers, Viewers, and Game Enthusiasts! Join the K33N Gaming Community Discord @ https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T! View the Required things ToDo Document in order to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer. Download the Required K33N Partnered Panel Branding Media Kit
  2. This evening (10/2/17), @LittlePickle and I are working on putting together the Official K33N Partnered Streaming Kit. Once finished, I will be sending out the Download to each official K33N partnered streamer with a downloadable .ZIP containing all of the following: A ReadMe file containing instructions on what to do/use for new K33N partnered streamers. K33N Logo that is placed on Stream Channel About/Bio hyperlinked to our website: http://k33ngaming.com K33N Discord image that is placed on Stream Channel About/Bio hyperlinked to our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/KDs3V3T Custom Logo Animations done by @LittlePickle to add on to your Stream Overlay Official K33N Partnered Streamer Badge that is to be placed somewhere on Stream Overlay (Not on Channel About/Bio) to avoid impostors.