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Found 2 results

  1. I am happy to announce that we have added a new Discord Role: ON AIR / LIVE NOW This role will AUTOMATICALLY be assigned temporarily to anyone using Discord's built in Streamer Mode Overlay. When an individual goes Live and is Live streaming, and has Discord's Streamer Mode Enabled, the user will be temporarily assigned the ON AIR / LIVE NOW role and in the Spotlight! By having this, Streamers get more attention and is easier to see who in fact is live streaming. Enjoy!
  2. K33N Gaming Community Discord - Role Assignment Discord Role Assignments have been added to the K33N Gaming Community Discord! You can view this channel and it's capabilities in the #role-assignment text channel located under the K33N Community category. In this channel, #role-assignment you can assign yourself to certain roles in this server by typing .iam before the game of your choice. If at any point you wish to be removed from a role, simply type .iamn gameNameHere. For example, you could type .iam PUBG to be in our PUBG role, and .iamn PUBG to be removed from that role. Note: Role assignment related messages will auto delete after entry to keep this channel clean and informative...To verify you have been assigned the role, simply click your name on the online list to view your roles. You can see a list of all assignable roles below. Feel free to ping @HoldenRiot if you have questions! Are you a Streamer!?, then do a .iam Streamer to be assigned the Streamer role! Specify your Gaming Platform: .iam PC .iam Xbox .iam PS4 Specify your Region: .iam NA -- North America .iam EU -- Europe .iam AU -- Australia .iam SA -- South America .iam AS -- Asia Assignable Game Roles: .iam gameNameHere to assign. Battlefield CS:GO DCS Fortnite GTA League of Legends PUBG Rocket League Rust Siege Note: more may be added at a later time! For latest assignable roles list, view our #role-assignment Discord Channel !