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    Mixer is shutting down July 22nd 2020

    Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and moving most of its streamers to Facebook Gaming as part of a strategic partnership it’s entering with the social media giant. The major streamers locked into exclusivity deals with Mixer — including stars like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Cory “King Gothalion” Michael, and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek — will be released from their contracts, and Microsoft says it’s up to them where they decide to go.

    Where streamers like Blevins and Grzesiek will now go is totally up in the air; Blevins only left Twitch last August, reportedly for a contract worth between $20 and $30 million.

    Facebook Gaming, for its part, will honor partner status for streamers coming from Mixer, though they will have to sign a new contract with Facebook. It’s also worth noting that Facebook Gaming hasn’t been emphasizing exclusivity when it signs new streamers. Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, Facebook Gaming’s most prominent American face, is still able to stream on Twitch.

    Since its birth in August 2017, Mixer has struggled to find a foothold in the live-streaming wars; it’s always been the smallest of the major streaming platforms, and in numerical terms, it hasn’t managed to draw the kind of audiences that would make the venture sustainable.

    Read the full article here.

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